We have found a lot of people trying to understand what makes Living Vehicle, well... a Living Vehicle.

Many new followers ask "how does the LV compare to other travel trailers out there?" or, "What makes Living Vehicle special?" If you have seen any of Matthew and my tour videos or checked out our latest brochure, you will come to find it is so much more than just a list of of features or specs. What makes Living Vehicle unique is truly something you have to see for yourself to fully appreciate.

Every design decision, every material, every innovation is carefully considered to produce a truly functional piece of art. The simple answer is, there is nothing else on the market today that even comes close to Living Vehicle. If you are considering transitioning to a different lifestyle or maybe just adding some more adventure to your life, check out the short video below!

After recently touring a Living Vehicle in person, future LV full-timer, Megan Graham, fell in love with the Living Vehicle and felt it had all of the features and amenities that were missing in all the other travel trailers she had been considering. She was on the hunt for a luxury trailer that was capable in all four seasons, powered by tons of solar for off-grid adventures and above all a built with quality first.

After her private LV tour in Santa Barbara, Megan Graham decided to make a video detailing the difference between Living Vehicle and other travel trailers based on the features that she valued. We didn't ask Megan to make this video but are honored that she took the time to create a special piece of content that I think you will all enjoy. She is in the market for a new travel trailer and made the video based on her research.

If you find the video helpful, please give Megan's video a like and consider subscribing to her channel. She also has a special interest in healthy living spaces and chronicles her own journey with recovery from a mold related illness.

You can watch Megan's video here (a little over 10 mins): 

Want to tour an LV for yourself? Click here to request a private in-person viewing.

Here is a summary of the main differences that Megan covers in her video.  

◦ Living Vehicle has a patio that adds more livable outdoor space.

◦ Living Vehicle has a full spa bathroom that is larger than most other travel trailers. Depending on how tall you are, you might need to shower sitting down in another travel trailer. In the LV shower, you will be able to stand up comfortably.

◦ LV has a traditional queen-size bed with an additional Euro loft option that adds in a second queen-size bed.

◦ The Living Vehicle has a dishwasher. Most other travel trailers do not.

◦ The Living Vehicle has a washer and a dryer. You can do your laundry without having to go to a laundromat.

◦ The LV has an accessible basement and more storage options. Everything is accessible and can be cleaned when needed.

◦ The Living Vehicle has significantly more solar panels and eco-friendly upgrades than other travel trailers.

◦ The Living Vehicle holds 100 gallons of fresh water. This is around 40-60 gallons more than most other travel trailers. The additional water allows you to stay off-grid longer than other travel trailers.

◦ The LV has three kinds of water filtration while other travel trailers do not.

◦ The Living Vehicle is capable of being four-season ready. Depending on where you travel, the LV has more options to make sure you are traveling in comfort.

◦ The Living Vehicle has a modern design with windows that let in more natural light.