Living Vehicle™ has been thoughtfully designed to sustain a fundamentally better way of living. Here are a few of the guiding principles behind LV that set it apart as a true home on wheels.

Living Vehicle is designed with the mindset of nothing wasted and everything valued. Because longevity and reliability are essential to achieving this goal, each LV is handcrafted with only the highest quality materials. The superior build engineering and high quality aluminum provide a rigid frame that can withstand rigorous off-road expeditions. The cabinetry is built from 100% aluminum sheet, powder-coated with a very durable finish for all exposed surfaces on door fronts, drawer fronts and side panels. All countertops are 100% solid surface and built to last. The surface is stain resistant, easy to clean, non-porous and heat resistant. If scratched or damaged, the surface repairs are easy. The material is also highly resistant to shattering or cracking. Each countertop is installed over a continuous aluminum structural base, rather than wood, which allows for a much more rigid and durable surface. Even the cushions are made from the highest quality, water and mold-resistant foam. They are covered in top-of-the-line marine-grade Sunbrella fabric. When it comes to flooring, we made sure to craft something that would be 100% waterproof and highly durable. Each plank is installed independently so that if a single plank is damaged, repairs are as easy as removing and replacing the single plank. Backed with a repositionable, pressure-sensitive adhesive, planks press into place to form a tight, secure bond over the subfloor.

When we say that Living Vehicle is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, we mean it! Living Vehicle has insulation values that are similar to a typical residential home, and are significantly higher than currently accepted RV industry standards. We understand that functional use in freezing weather is a significant challenge and requires careful consideration and thoughtful design. Aside from its thermally isolated shell and dual pane windows, Living Vehicle features a fully-conditioned utility basement for temperature sensitive utilities such as water pipes and holding tanks. This ensures that all utilities will function for extended periods of time in sub-zero conditions. If you’re warm inside, so are all your systems. For customers who plan to use their vehicle in cold climates such as the winters of Colorado, the Extreme Insulation feature will provide the capacity to meet the challenge. This feature maximizes the insulation performance in the design of the floor, walls, and ceiling spaces. Dual pane windows throughout become a key design advantage to use in very hot or cold conditions. All internal HVAC and plumbing systems are located in the fully-conditioned basement, preventing freezing or overheating. So snuggle up or don’t because you’ll be warm and toasty inside of Living Vehicle.

With a sleeping capacity of 6 people, Living Vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,200 lbs and an overall length of 30’ 11”. In terms of towing, not much changes. LV contains safety features for ultimate monitoring of all 4 sides of while on-the-go and while parked. The system doubles as both a driving camera and a security system, in which the 7” wireless monitor may be taken back and forth from both the tow vehicle and the interior to monitor the front, back, and both sides of Living Vehicle.

The overall design aesthetic of Living Vehicle is intended to make it feel just like home. The interior design has an open layout concept with personal touches like a kitchen island, wood accents, and customizable cabinetry and countertops. Living Vehicle currently has 7 customizable options which include a selection of 3 aluminium colors for cabinetry, 3 “Sunbrella” fabrics for cushions, 3 LVP wood floor finishes for flooring, 3 solid surface colors for countertops, 2 different bedroom layouts, 15 color options for the rear exterior accent wall and  2 options for the side door. We believe that each client deserves the opportunity to personalize their LV so that it feels like home. Click here to see the custom options!

We understand that the kitchen is considered “the heart of a home” to many, which is why we have paid careful attention to the design layout of Living Vehicle -- and this kitchen certainly does not lack storage space. Living Vehicle has a floor to ceiling pantry with pull-out drawers and six aluminum storage racks for dry goods.

There is also a large bank of overhead cabinets above the sink and stove for storage of flatware and other cookware. Two deep drawers for pots and pans are under located in the kitchen. The bank of 5 drawers to the right of the sink is perfect for cookware and utensil storage. A hidden trash chute is mounted in the countertop with 2 waste bins for separating refuse. The kitchen island also has built-in storage. If a more open floor plan is desired, the island can be securely stored in front of the non-operable panel of the sliding glass door. In this configuration, the Island may also be used as a bar with seating for 2 with direct views to the outdoors when the bi-fold door is open. It’s also usable as a temporary bar or outdoor kitchen space on either of the deck options. If not needed or required for your latest adventure, the island may be removed and stored. The island is made from 100% aluminum, so it is easy to move.

Living Vehicle’s kitchen is both functional and elegant, a win-win! And the same goes for the rest of the vessel… there is plenty of storage space in the bathroom, bedroom, living area, and even the washer and dryer area.

Not only does Living Vehicle have an entry door awning, there are two customizable side door deck options for customers to choose from. The first is a Clam Shell which is 8’ wide x 3’4” deep and the second is an Extended Deck which is 8’ wide and 6’8” deep. Both options support up to 1000 lbs and include a safety railing which makes it safe and accessible. The Clam Shell canopy raises to cover the deck area below, with two LED lights mounted in the ceiling of the canopy for evening illumination. The Extended Deck option lowers to create a large patio for entertaining guests and housing pets.

We understand that waterproof and durable subflooring is essential for the longevity of a vessel, so that’s exactly what we’ve designed. 100% waterproof and highly durable, each plank is installed independently so that if a single plank is damaged, repairs are as easy as removing and replacing the single plank. Backed with a repositionable, pressure-sensitive adhesive, planks press into place to form a tight, secure bond over the subfloor. Customers have the option to choose from three carefully selected, stunning options for flooring which include Limed Oak, Farmhouse Plank, and Primitive Forest, everything from traditional to exotic to distressed wood finishes.

We are beyond excited to tell everyone about our Ambassador Program! Our Chief Ambassador is one of our owners, Wally Hofmann. He and his Ambassador Team are ready to provide quick and helpful support to Living Vehicle owners, 24/7, 365 days. As a family-operated business, we believe in a “Direct to Consumer” sales model in which we eliminate the middle person in order to create a hands-on, personal sales experience.