Living Vehicle Warranty & Service

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Office/Guesthouse with Clamshell Deck
Off-Grid Travel and Adventure
Ultimate Off-Grid Vehicle

Industry Leading Warranty

Wondering how Living Vehicle is different than other trailers on the market? The warranty program speaks for itself. Every new LV comes standard with an industry-leading 1-3-10 Year warranty.¹
3rd Party Components⁴
Custom-Built Components
Structural, Chassis & Frame

New Extended Warranty

Extended warranty options are now available for new Living Vehicles. Due to the proven quality and performance, every new Living Vehicle qualifies for remarkable extended warranty options, available at an additional cost through the US Warranty Corporation.
5 year
Extended Warranty.²
9 Year
Extended Warranty.²
Lifetime Warranty³

A Lifetime Extended Warranty is now optional on all new Living Vehicles.  
Extended warranties are available for a cost at time of delivery and are offered
through a 3rd party service contract by the United States Warranty Corporation³

LV Certified-Preowned Warranty

Every Certified Preowned Living Vehicle now carries a standard warranty and is included as part of the LV certification process.²  

An Extended 5-year Warranty Option is available for all Preowned Certified Living Vehicles.  

Warranty Repairs

Having lived full-time in RVs over the years, we understand your needs inside and out. We've designed a unique warranty system from the ground up to give you the best experience possible.   Living Vehicle is proud to offer warranty service everywhere in the United States.
Here are some highlights of our service offering
  • The LV warranty is serviced by the manufacturer.  The LV care team acts as your dedicated representative and advocate. This natural system of checks and balances ensures you have a seamless experience when things need to be repaired. No 1-800 numbers here! Just give the LV Concierge team a call and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Living Vehicle has service available in the USA nationwide.  
  • 1st Line Service – primary service centers
  • 2nd Line Service – partner service centers
  • 3rd Party Service – non-LV affiliated service centers
  • We are not beholden to a single warranty service provider or complicated warranty service agreements. We've designed our service and repair system to be as flexible as possible. If a service center is not in the 1st or 2nd line network, we will identify the nearest capable 3rd-party service center who is able to support the service needs. 
  • Mobile Service!  We prefer to use mobile service whenever possible to cause as little disruption to our customers life and travel plans. 
¹ Warranty for Living Vehicle is offered and serviced by the manufacturer of Living Vehicle and subject to the limitations, terms and conditions of the current version of the warranty document included at the time of sale.    

² Extended Warranty options are provided by United States Warranty Corporation and supplement manufacturer warranty. 

³ Forever “Lifetime” warranty only available on new Living Vehicle units to the original owner.  Warranty service is contingent on following the required yearly service plan as outlined in the warranty document.  

⁴ In addition to the 1-year coverage, most 3rd party components are covered by an independent warranty by the component manufacturer, many of which are greater than one year.  

Customer Service

The best quality product goes hand in hand with the best customer service experience.
2020 MODEL
Customer support and service especially during the early stages of ownership – when you’ll need it most!
After taking delivery of your new LV, we’ll support you in identifying a service provider at your destination and ensure everything is going great.
Dedicated Living Vehicle customer support concierge to help with all things LV.
Knowledgeable technical support to help answer any questions.
Extended Warranties are available with additional travel support services.

Living Vehicle Creates Lifelong Experiences

Hear what our happy Living Vehicle customers have to say.

Our experience was great and seamless from start to finish. We bought LV # 5 of their first fleet. They were professional throughout the entire process. We felt supported and Wally was always available to help us or answer questions as we were brand new to the RV world. The design is flawless, and we felt it was definitely worth the investment. Every time we travel in it everyone stops us and wants to learn about it. It truly is a very special experience. We highly recommend The Living Vehicle experience.
Nicole P.
Living Vehicle Owner
The LV customer service is tremendous and the whole experience of dealing with Living Vehicle has been superb. Wally Hofmann is a pleasure to spend time with, and his commitment to customer service is extremely impressive. The LV has enabled us to live in comfort and has provided a comfortable and fun home for my family while our house is rebuilt. I know we will look back extremely fondly on this time - LV has made it possible to enjoy the aftermath of the loss of our home and has enabled us to live on-site while it is rebuilt.
Sara W.
Living Vehicle Owner
This is our very first travel trailer and the education process for living in our LV full time has been about as smooth as it can get. Which is saying a lot for anyone new to travel trailers! Especially being that our LV has been primarily mobile since April. We are grateful to have purchased from a company that guarantees quality customer service, whether it be for educating or maintenance. As a family of two with a German Shepherd we are still shocked at how much space and storage our LV offers. Starting a family in this rig is definitely something we can envision. Huge thanks to the Hofmann’s and all of the LV team- what a talented and hard-working group!
Jacque S.
Living Vehicle Owner
Living Vehicle is leading the RV industry through meticulous engineering and design. Their product introduces sustainability, comfort and unrivaled elegance; built to sustain the test of time. Living Vehicle is committed to quality, value and maintains an emphasis on Customer service that goes way beyond the order and delivery process, unmatched by any standard. Really delighted to be part of the Living Vehicle family and encouraging anyone considering an RV to explore this unprecedented product and to have confidence this company will not disappoint your expectations.
Colin B.
Living Vehicle Owner
Living Vehicle is not just a company but made up of a incredible family of individuals who care about people and making the life we live easier and more rewarding. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They came to the rescue of my husband and I when we lost our home to a hurricane. From my first conversation till the resale of our LV this year, they were there for me.
The product is amazing. If you are looking for a thoughtful, innovative, bright, modern home that allows you to reconnect with places you never thought possible without modern conveniences ....... look no further!
Jennifer P.
Living Vehicle Owner
The LV is an incredible option for anyone looking to live on their land while building (or in our case, rebuilding). It was a godsend for us because it not only allowed us to continue to enjoy our “happy place” after the loss of the wildfire but also to learn more about how we would want to build in the future.  

I need to mention the amazing help, guidance and overall tremendous service that Wally (Hofmann) provided. There are not enough words or even high enough praise I can think of for what he did and how he helped our family. Wally honestly was an amazing friend and truly treated me like family. Our LV experience would have been much different without him during the initial learning period. 
Mariana G.
Living Vehicle Owner
First and foremost, the quality, longevity, attention to detail and ultra-modern feel! Our deck is our favorite place to be, especially when there is a view, so no doubt it is a favorite feature!  Being in the LV bathroom just makes us smile, from the amount of space, to the inviting rain shower, you forget you are in a trailer!  Our LV has helped us both to appreciate living in a small space. It's also reinforced that this lifestyle is possible and can be very comfortable.  We can see ourselves traveling our beautiful country in our LV forever!
Christie M.
Living Vehicle Owner
The LV addressed the shortcomings we found in other trailers with its taller design, plenty of storage and a thoughtful layout, large holding tanks, 6 person sleeping capacity, and 4 season utility. 

The tanks are large enough for considerable boondocking.  Unlimited hot water is wonderful especially when you’re the 6th person to shower!  The pantry and refrigerator store plenty of food for long trips without restocking.  The camper is incredibly warm in the winter. Heated basement means no worries about the pipes freezing when you’re camping in freezing temperatures. Our favorite feature of the LV is the fold down deck.  It is so easy to open and it completely transforms the campsite. 

LV is a great move.  It works so well in so many different environments and for so many different uses. We would highly recommend it.
Paul G.
Living Vehicle Owner
We believe proactive and comprehensive education is key for a great ownership experience. Every LV owner is provided with dozens of videos and a great online owner’s manual to learn the ins and outs of using their new Living Vehicle.

Living Vehicle Orientation

Onsite inspection of your new vehicle prior to delivery.
Introduction to your dedicated LV-Care concierge.
Identification and inspection of all systems, features, and components in your LV.
Review any questions and ensure you are ready for a great experience.
Shipment coordination should you wish to take delivery out of state.