2021 Living Vehicle


Off-Grid Ready

The LV CORE configuration is built to get off-grid with a host of energy-generating resources. Providing absolute freedom from the limitations of the power grid, the electrical system may now be powered by the sun indefinitely without ever needing to plug in.
Aluminum trailer
EV Level 1 Charging
With an abundance of free and clean solar energy, the energy pack becomes a resource for external needs beyond sustaining the LV systems. Every Living Vehicle® has the capability to charge companion Electric Vehicles with Level 1 Charging-standard. As we await the pending arrival of Electric Tow Vehicles (ETVs), like the Tesla Cybertruck®, you can bet, we’ll be ready.

*Tesla Cybertruck® is a registered trademark of Tesla Inc.
Aluminum trailer
Automotive-Grade Power
Created specifically to be used in remote environments, it is now possible to go off-grid indefinitely by creating your own perpetually sustainable power source. Living Vehicle has created a stand-alone electrical powerhouse with Volta Power Systems at the core. The LV power LV system leverages automotive-grade lithium technology and the highest energy density on the market. Explore our Energy Calculator to learn more about your power needs.
Resource Capacity
For even more power, take a look at our MAX and PRO models.
of Propane
(opt. up to 3k watts)
Watt HYBRID Inverter
(opt up to 16,000 watts)
KWH power
(OPT. up to 48 kwh)

Feeling of Home

Enjoy a luxurious mobile living experience with all the comforts of home. The 2021 Living Vehicle combines beautiful aesthetics with the functionality of a modern home.
Living Vehicle 2020
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Spa-style Bathroom
The spa-style bathroom is your private home sanctuary to relax and unwind. Designed based on real-life experiences, we know the bathroom is one of the most important spaces and should be designed to reflect that. Enjoy a spacious 32” x 36” shower with a rainfall shower and skylight above to let in sunshine while you bathe. Walnut finishes and natural, highly durable materials add a touch of luxury along with additional high-end options. For an even more elevated spa experience, check out one of the Spa-Bathroom Option packages for the ultimate in bathing luxury.
Silver Camper
Connection to the Outdoors
We designed LV to not only take advantage of the outdoors through travel, but also to blur the distinction between interior and exterior space altogether. Oversized windows, skylights, and an 8' sliding glass door allow you to experience the empowering beauty of nature inside the comfort of your home. Effortlessly extend the indoor living space outdoors with a fully integrated self-supporting deck. Enjoy dining, barbecuing, yoga or simply lounging and appreciating the outdoors. Rated at 1,500 lbs, the deck is designed for a multitude of uses.
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Residential Style Kitchen
A place to cook, dine and gather. The LV kitchen has been meticulously designed by chefs to be both functional and beautiful. The experience of cooking and dining in LV is not only possible, but very enjoyable. Featuring a removable cooking island, 13 cu.ft. all-electric solar refrigerator and European-style residential fixtures. Optional stainless steel dishwasher and European style marine three-burner oven with flush-mounted glass cooktop cover elevates your cooking experience to the next level. Included in the Good Housekeeping Option Package.
Silver Camper
Luxury Sleeping
The master bedroom is designed to be your personal sanctuary. Having called the LV home for several years now, we have scrutinized every detail to make the sleeping experience truly luxurious. Featuring queen bed cool-touch 8 inch memory-foam mattress and LV exclusive Starview skylight. Transform into the ultimate media room with optional 70” 4K HD Private Home Theater and SONOS surround sound option.

Clean and Simple Design.

Excellence in design is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. Clean lines, European fixtures and marine grade influences elevate Living Vehicle to a stunning yet functional work of art.
Living Vehicle 2020
aluminum trailer
Natural Finishes
Highlighting natural and extremely durable materials, the interior of Living Vehicle is designed to feel like home. The interior is conceived as a painter’s canvas. Simple, natural and personal. Your LV is as unique as your own taste--a living breathing piece of art that celebrates your own style of life and individuality. The Luxury Finishes package hosts some of the finest materials available on the market.  
2020 series living vehicle
Beyond Sustainable
Living Vehicle is built with low maintenance and high-end materials specified by LEED accredited professionals that understand what it means to design a healthy environment. The indoor air quality is free from solvents, chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds. For increased water & air filtration and monitoring, take a look at the Air and Water Quality option package.
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Adaptable Spaces
LV was designed with life in mind. Each space is highly functional and intuitive to use, some spaces taking on multiple functions so that you can get the most out of your home. Open up your space by placing the removable kitchen island outside where you can do cooking on the deck. An optional stainless steel BBQ with inline propane quick connect is available for top of the line outdoor cooking and entertaining. The Mobile Office Option effortlessly transforms the bedroom to a on-the go workspace.  

Functional and Adaptable Spaces

Thoughtfully designed spaces that can be easily adapted to fit your lifestyle needs.
Silver Camper
2020 series living vehicle
Sleeping for the whole family
Living Vehicle is able to sleep 4 people with separate sleeping spaces for each pair. Effortlessly adjust the dining table and rearrange the cushions of the lounge to create a comfortable Queen-sized bed in the living area. Enjoy a fixed Queen-sized bed in the master bedroom suite for a designated private sleeping area. The Euro Loft option increases sleeping capacity to six through a hidden full-size bunk that automatically lowers from the ceiling when needed.
2020 series living vehicle
Office and Entertainment
We understand the importance of staying connected and having all the modern-day necessities you rely on, wherever you are. Hosting the most advanced equipment available, the Living Vehicle is a masterpiece of entertainment. Top of the line products with brands such as SONOS, Apple, and Samsung create an unprecedented completely mobile audio and video experience. Optional packages for increased WIFI connectivity and home theatre.
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Pet Friendly
Intentionally designed for humans and animals alike. Your pet will feel right at home with standard integrated features just for them. Features that support the ease and enjoyment of pet ownership make for the best experience possible when traveling with friends of all shapes and sizes. From the choice of materials like our waterproof and scratch resistant flooring, to extra storage space for shoes and EDC gear in the hallway closet – we’ve designed for your pet to be a part of the home.

The Best Quality. Period

We see quality as an absolute minimum standard that all design decisions must first pass through. This mantra is more than just a way of doing, it’s a bit of an obsession. We will stop at nothing to create a Living Vehicle at the highest automotive quality standards possible.
Silver Camper
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Designed Down to the Last Detail.
Are details important to you? We’re obsessed with them. Every decision. We’ve directed our engineering focus to the smallest details of assembly - ensuring water proofing by design, without the reliance on caulking and sealants as the industry standard “status quo.” Living Vehicle is designed to be the best luxury travel trailer on the market.

Living Vehicle 2020 Series
The LV shell is the true foundation that all systems and functionality are built. The 2021 shell features hybrid structural engineering solutions and no use of wood. We are proud to have the entire Living Vehicle structure (including the subfloor!) made from solid aluminum, proven to stand the test of time and truly last for generations.

Geared for Adventure

Go where you want and do what you want. Living Vehicle is engineered to withstand the demands of even the most extreme outdoor adventures. Four-season capabilities, off-road running gear, and storage for all your toys make sure fun has no limits.
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Aluminum Trailer
Designed to Thrive
Every Living Vehicle is a true 4-Season Unit. Designed specifically to accommodate extended living, the LV is not only capable, but thrives when traveling off-grid in both hot summer and cold winter conditions. Exclusive LV designed conditioned basement keeps tanks, plumbing lines and sensitive electronics at the ideal temperature range-no heating pads required. Tested extensively in our climate control chamber, LV is not only engineered for but certified 4-Season ready! Take LV to the extremes with even more capable temperature ratings with the 4-Season Option Package.
Living Vehicle 2020 Series
Off-road Running Gear
Travel to beautiful places is rarely accessed by a paved road. The need to travel on rough roads through the countryside becomes a must for those seeking an authentic adventure. A hybrid handmade chassis provides the structural foundation for an all-aluminum frame. Stainless steel reinforced trim protects the unit from rocks and debris when traveling on rough roads. For traversing steep and uneven terrain, a rear incline on the tail provides an increased departure angle and higher ground clearance that has been increased to more than 16 inches. To take the LV to even more remote areas, select the Off-Road Option Package to enhance the ground clearance, wheels and tires.
Silver Camper
Max Storage
The reality of small space living is one of deliberate choices. We believe in the concept of “less but better.” We must still have space to store our essentials. Since taking delivery of the very first Living Vehicle, we have traveled more than 50,000 miles while calling LV home. By living the full-time mobile lifestyle, we understand what it means to live, work and play in a Living Vehicle. With 228 cu.ft. of total storage, having to compromise when deciding what to take with you is no longer an issue. Every LV comes with a phenomenal 4,500 lbs. of carrying capacity.

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Embodying the mantra of life by design, we have the freedom to spend our time on the things that matter most. To make our impact on the world and give back more than we take and do so in style. Living Vehicle was founded on these simple principles with the goal of creating positive, meaningful change - both in our lives and for the greater planet.