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We see the world a bit differently - perhaps because that world doesn’t yet exist.
Full-Time Luxury Retreat
Office/Guesthouse with Clamshell Deck
We believe in predicting the future by creating it.  We are driven by challenging traditional norms and question ways of doing things that are taken for granted every day.  Innovation towards a vision of a beautiful future is at the core of everything we do at Living Vehicle.  We are always two steps ahead by solving the problems of tomorrow.
Living Vehicle Inc. started in 2017 with a simple but bold vision to challenge the status-quo how we live and travel in our modern world.  We set a company mission to design and build a net-zero all-electric travelling home.  Net-Zero means no reliance on the grid: no energy in and no waste out.  The vision for Living Vehicle is a completely self-sustaining mobile living space that empowers people to live their best lives.  To us, self-reliance and sustainability means freedom – and doing so in the absolute best way possible.  With a relentless passion for quality and doing things right, Living Vehicle continues to make great strides forwards towards that early vision.
All members of the Living Vehicle team share the same core values that are expressed throughout every part of our high-performance culture:
  • Resourcefulness. Break down barriers through ingenuity.
  • Teamwork. Trust among individuals defines our strength.
  • Quality. The rigorous standards we set for everything we do.
  • Innovate. Challenge what is, then create the future by inventing it.
  • Always do your best. Be the very best version of yourself.
  • Move Fast. Be thoughtful, decisive, and make a big impact.
  • Accountability. Set goals, measure performance, and achieve results.
The key to our success lies in the shared core values, passion, and execution by our amazing people.  The collective genius of our amazing team is what makes this vision a reality.  Changing the foundation of our very world is not an easy task.  The people who work at Living Vehicle are surrounded with the best of the most brilliant, humble, and high-performing people you will ever meet. This culture of high performance is what makes us tick and the results are fascinating. We embrace accountability, trust, and knowing that your colleague is there to support you.
We are driven by something bigger than ourselves and choose this path of passionate pursuit every single day.  Living Vehicle will challenge you to bring out your very best and be surrounded with others who are committed to the same.  If you are the type of person who plays at a high standard, thrives within a high-performance culture of accountability, and loves working with similar people, then we encourage you to apply for a position at Living Vehicle.  There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together!

Getting Paid

  • Comprehensive salary packages
  • Performance-based bonus program

Keeping You Healthy

  • Best-in-class medical coverage
  • Dental plan
  • Vision benefits
  • Local Gym Membership

Future Planning

  • 401K company matching
  • Life Insurance

Time Away

  • Flexible paid time off policy
  • Graduating PTO with company tenure

The Fun Stuff

  • Live and work in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA
  • Annual company retreat
  • Weekly company all-team lunch
Off-Grid Travel and Adventure
Ultimate Off-Grid Vehicle

The Living Vehicle Headquarters

Live and work in the great American Riviera.  Welcome to Santa Barbara, California.
25 Beaches
70° Average Temp
280+ Days of Sun