Where can I see a Living Vehicle unit?
Living Vehicle Inc. is located in Santa Barbara, CA. Email hello@livingvehicle.com or visit the contact page to schedule a tour of a unit.

*Availability of a show unit varies depending on scheduling. Please provide flexible dates.
How do I order a Living Vehicle?
A $5,000 deposit secures an opportunity to reserve a production slot. A 50% payment is then submitted to place an order, with the balance due upon delivery.
Is shipping included in the price? What is the delivery time for LV?
The cost of shipping is free for all orders in the Contiguous United States. The 2018 Living Vehicle model is estimated for delivery in Summer 2018.
Does Living Vehicle qualify for financing?
Yes. Living Vehicle is an RVIA-certified product and therefore qualifies for traditional vehicle financing. Financing may be obtained through your preferred lender or credit union. Careful consideration must be taken when entering a Purchase Agreement to ensure that designated payment deadlines are met.
What is the gross weight of Living Vehicle? What type of tow vehicle do I need?
When it comes to choosing a tow vehicle, we recommend customers err on the side of caution and plan accordingly for a safe buffer. Having a more capable, more powerful tow vehicle is always preferable to having one that is at the limit of what it is designed to tow.   

The current weight of the 2018 Living Vehicle model is 7,992 lbs with a hitch weight of 990 lbs. Due to LV’s immense storage capacity, we’ve designed the hitch, brakes, axles and suspension systems to support a max capacity of 12,200 lbs. This allows users to safely transport more than a ton (3,000 lbs) of gear, fluids and gas. Therefore, we recommend a tow vehicle with a 12,000 lb tow rating and an 1,100 lb hitch rating.

*Please note, the unit’s dry weight is subject to change.
Do you recommend a hitch weight distribution/ anti-sway system?
Yes. We recommend using an anti-sway system for stabilizing the load and to give the best towing experience possible. Locating the heaviest items over the axles will also help maintain ideal weight distribution. A load equalization hitch is highly recommended and is typically required to obtain a hitch weight rating over 1,000 lbs. An equalization or anti-sway hitch is a standard industry practice and we agree that it is a good safety and driving practice with any towed trailer.
Does Living Vehicle come with a warranty?
Absolutely! Living Vehicle will come with one of the best warranties in the industry. Designed and manufactured in the USA, every Living Vehicle will be backed by a 5 year chassis & frame warranty with a 1 year hitch to bumper service plan. This includes post delivery, 6 month and 1 year service appointments to insure that LV is properly maintained and set up during its initial use.
Where can I get Living Vehicle serviced?
Currently, we are developing an extensive network of service centers located across the US. During this period of development, service items that need to be performed may happen at any local service center with prior authorization by Hofmann. If you have an issue, simply call us and we will get in touch with a service center near you.*Please review Living Vehicle specification sheet for current prices, options, and technical info. All information is subject to change.