Venturing into the great outdoors and embarking on thrilling adventures is undeniably exhilarating. However, as we embrace the call of the wild, it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our natural playground. Enter the Green RV Standard and the TRA Certification, which help us make sustainable choices when selecting RV brands for our outdoor escapades.

The Emergence of TRA: Guiding Consumers Towards Sustainability

With the rising demand for RV travel, the need for sustainable options within the industry is also increasing. The TRA Certification acts as a beacon of hope for eco-conscious adventurers. With TRA, consumers can confidently navigate through the multitude of RV brands, selecting those that prioritize sustainability and adhere to environmentally-friendly practices.

Understanding the TRA Certification

The TRA Certification is a stamp of approval granted to RVs that adhere to the stringent requirements of the Green RV Standard. RV manufacturers undergo a comprehensive evaluation process covering various aspects of eco-conscious design and construction to receive the TRA certification.

Example of TRA Green Performance Chart

Key Criteria for TRA Certification

The TRA certification goes beyond a mere stamp of approval; it provides a comprehensive ranking system that evaluates RVs across multiple sustainability categories. Each RV's final rating is determined by tallying points earned in four key areas: Resources, Energy, Water, and Indoor Air Quality.

  1. Resources: Sourcing sustainable materials and utilizing recycled or renewable resources wherever possible is an important criterion for TRA certification. This reduces the environmental impact associated with RV production and disposal.

  1. Energy Efficiency: RVs seeking TRA certification must demonstrate energy-efficient features such as high-quality insulation, LED lighting, and energy-saving appliances. These measures reduce energy consumption during travel and minimize the overall carbon footprint.

  1. Water Conservation: The certification process evaluates water conservation practices. RVs must incorporate features like low-flow faucets, water-saving toilets, and efficient water management systems to reduce water usage and waste.

  1. Indoor Air Quality: Emphasizing the quality of indoor air ensures a healthy and sustainable RV experience. RVs with low-toxicity materials, proper ventilation, and effective air filtration systems score higher in this category. Promoting a healthier environment for RV occupants contributes to a higher TRA ranking.

The final rating is determined based on the lowest score across all categories, ensuring a consistent standard of sustainability.

Empowering Consumers and Manufacturers

The TRA Certification empowers RV enthusiasts by providing a clear understanding of an RV's sustainability performance. It enables consumers to make informed choices aligned with their eco-conscious values while encouraging RV manufacturers to continually improve their sustainability efforts.

Benefits of TRA Certification for Eco-Conscious Adventurers

By adhering to strict sustainability standards, TRA-certified RVs offer a range of benefits for eco-conscious adventurers who are passionate about reducing their environmental impact. From minimizing carbon footprints to saving on utility costs and enhancing the overall camping experience, the TRA certification brings a host of advantages to those seeking a greener RV lifestyle.

  1. Reduced Environmental Impact: TRA-certified RVs help minimize the environmental footprint associated with recreational vehicle travel. By incorporating energy-efficient features and sustainable materials, these RVs offer a greener alternative for eco-conscious adventurers.

  1. Cost Savings: Energy-efficient components and water conservation measures in TRA-certified RVs can lead to significant cost savings for owners. Reduced energy and water consumption result in lower utility bills, allowing RV enthusiasts to enjoy their journeys without breaking the bank.

  1. Enhanced Camping Experience: TRA-certified RVs not only contribute to a greener planet but also enhance the overall camping experience. With advanced insulation and energy-saving technologies, these RVs offer improved comfort and convenience, allowing travelers to enjoy nature while minimizing their ecological impact.

Living Vehicle's Green Performance TRA Rating

Living Vehicle Earns Highest Certification in TRA History

Living Vehicle, a leading manufacturer in sustainable living and green building practices, has achieved the remarkable feat of earning the Certified Green designation with the highest score ever recorded for any RV certified by TRA: Emerald Off-Grid. This achievement solidifies their position as a pioneer in eco-friendly design and sustainable innovation.

Mandy Leazenby, President of TRA Certification, expressed excitement about Living Vehicle's accomplishments, emphasizing that they demonstrate how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. Leazenby praised Living Vehicle's outstanding results, giving them the highest level of certification she has ever encountered.

Living Vehicle's Sustainable Features

Living Vehicle's Green Certification evaluation encompasses Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, and Indoor Air Quality, resulting in unparalleled sustainability and environmental performance. Their production process prioritizes Resource Efficiency by recycling or reusing a significant proportion of manufacturing waste. They employ advanced techniques to minimize waste and collaborate with environmentally responsible suppliers. Local sourcing of materials and components further enhances their sustainability efforts.

Energy Efficiency: Innovations for Sustainable Power Usage

Living Vehicle incorporates numerous energy-efficient features that go above and beyond expectations. These include LED lighting, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, a 72 kWh LiPo battery bank, and 4,400 W solar integrated into retractable awnings. The design incorporates closed-cell foam insulation, providing a 4-season rating, and introduces a new 240V dual-zone mini-split system with SEER 21, showcasing their commitment to energy efficiency.

Water Efficiency: Groundbreaking Water Generation System

Living Vehicle excels in Water Efficiency, achieving an outstanding score of 125%. They have developed a groundbreaking water generation system that extracts water from the air using solar energy, providing a sustainable source of water and setting a new industry standard. With flow fixtures and industry-standard practices, Living Vehicle ensures optimal water usage and offers a sustainable "water from anywhere" solution.

Indoor Air Quality: Ensuring a Healthy Living Environment

Living Vehicle prioritizes Indoor Air Quality, designing trailers to provide a healthy living environment. They incorporate low-VOC components throughout the design to prevent emissions and the growth of mold and mildew. The absence of structural wood, along with non-emitting aluminum walls, floor, ceiling, and cabinets, ensures excellent air quality. Additionally, the units are certified by Industrial Hygienists to meet the LEED for Homes standards for interior VOCs, setting a new industry benchmark for Indoor Air Quality.

Living Vehicle's TRA certification and its extraordinary commitment to sustainability have elevated them to the forefront of the RV industry. With their luxurious yet environmentally conscious offerings, they are paving the way for a greener future.

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