Specialty Division

Your Dream, Our Blueprint
Living Vehicle Inc. is honored to spotlight our esteemed Specialty division.

Guided by the expertise of designer and founder Matthew Hofmann, we provide a seamless design-build experience for complex project needs.  

With over 20 years of unparalleled experience and having completed more than 500 custom projects, Living Vehicle stands as the leader in custom vehicle design and creation.

What Sets Us Apart

Bespoke Design
Every project is meticulously crafted from the ground up 1:1 with our founder and lead Architect, tailored exclusively to your vision.

50-Years of Manufacturing Experience
Half a century dedicated to mastering craftsmanship and delivering unparalleled quality.

Unmatched Industry Quality
Our track record of excellence ensures top-tier, unmatched quality that stands out in the industry

Beyond Modification
We don’t just modify; we create. From scratch. Exclusively for you.

Near Limitless Capability
If you can dream it, we can design and build it. We can meet the most demanding specifications and bring your vision to life.

The Living Vehicle Custom Advantage

Dive into the future of mobile living with unparalleled flexibility.

At the nexus of architectural ingenuity and advanced off-grid solar systems, our creations are crafted for prime residential use.

Every mobile dwelling we produce not only epitomizes luxury but also embodies your precise vision and needs, setting a new standard in the market.

Specialty Project Types

"If you can dream it, we can build it. The sky is the limit, with only your budget as the horizon."
- Matthew Hofmann

Let's Begin Your Journey

The budget required for a commissioned Living Vehicle custom masterpiece starts at $1 million.  The process begins with a $10,000  initial design fee & 1:1 consultation with Matthew Hofmann.

Contact us to explore the boundless possibilities of mobile luxury.