Carly and Issac

Carly and Issac

Favorite places you’ve traveled with the LV:

  • The West Coast of California
  • Breckenridge Colorado
  • The Arizona desert
  • Austin, Texas
  • Devil’s River, Texas

Family Bio:

Our LV crew is comprised of Carly and Isaac and our 2 pups Koda and Cactus. Isaac works full-time at home from our LV, Carly currently works at Siete Foods in Austin Texas. Our crew loves to hike, surf and generally be outside. 

How are you using your LV?

We’ve lived full-time out of our travel trailer for the past 2 years. We were first staying on a farm in Half Moon Bay, then bounced around in California before moving to Austin, Texas.

How have you incorporated your favorite hobbies into LV living?

We’ve taken our home on the road when visiting family in Colorado for Thanksgiving, and to surf trips. It’s kind of funny since I’ve often had the feeling like “I need to remember to pack this thing before we go”... and then I realize we’re bringing everything with us!

Any tips for traveling with pets?

We purchased a doggie door insert for the patio of our LV which has worked out really well! Our 2 dogs love curling up on our patio chairs and watching the world from our LV no matter where we are. 

What are your 3 favorite features and why?

1. The patio is amazing! It really opens the place up and makes it feel roomy
2. We love all of the skylights. Unlike other RVs, our LV feels light and airy instead of like a cave

3. The tankless water heater. I’m amazed how little propane we go through too! It’s a very efficient setup!
4. The slide out pantry is wonderful too for storing a lot of food and making it accessible

What would you say to others considering a change in lifestyle? 

We rented an Airstream for 1 week as a test when we first had our eye on the LV. After that experience, we loved the experience, but really appreciated how much more space the LV had to offer. After that, we started making plans to move out of our 3,200 sqft house into a 30ft LV and have never looked back!

We’d recommend renting an RV for a week or two and seeing how you like it. That really helped us understand what features we wanted in our new tiny home. We absolutely love living out of our LV. It’s easy to maintain, has all the amenities we need, and allows us to enjoy places we wouldn’t have explored before. 

How were you impacted by COVID? How did LV play into your situation?

Carly has switched to working from home during Covid, which really tested out whether or not we could handle FT life in a small space. It’s been no issue at all. Our LV even made it into one of the commercials for Siete Foods!

How have you customized your LV to make it your own?

We had a local craftsperson create new wood slatting for our deck railing.

What is your favorite memory in the LV?

We loved living on the farm in California. Issac was working on robotics at Google at the time and it was wonderful to get home, spend some time caring for the plants and animals before a cozy dinner using food we grew in our LV that evening.

What was the defining moment that made you decide to make the transition to LV?

We were traveling in Santa Cruz and Carly had been admiring refurbished airstreams. In our research Isaac found the LV and we kinda just drooled over the website for a couple hours. Then, when Carly had to move for her job in California, we decided to move out of our house and into an LV.

How have you grown through this experience? Do you feel like you’ve pushed outside of your comfort zone and gained something new?

We’d never towed anything before so that was a new experience for us. We’ve definitely been pushed to live a more minimal lifestyle, but we love it.

How has LV changed your outlook on life?

Our LV has definitely encouraged us to live a simpler life that’s more focused on seeking out new experiences.

What is your life motto?

Try to significantly change 3 people’s lives for the better in your lifetime. If we can all do that, our world will be dramatically better.

Words to live by:

Life is better with your pack.

The most precious thing is growing alongside your best friend.

Happiness is one good deed away.