Driving the evolution from the traditional model of housing to the ever more dynamic development of small space living is an awareness of the resources that are available to the public to support a mobile lifestyle. Living Vehicle™ has made it possible for people to travel the continent to experience nature and community without sacrificing the grounding effects of having a place to call home. Aside from the expanding presence of small space communities in urban areas, there is a vast amount of land in the U.S. that is available to the public for free recreational use. The Bureau of Land Management’s mission is simple – “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.”

Land managed by the BLM is any adventuresome soul’s dream. Folks in search of an off-grid experience without the hassle of permits or fees will be thrilled to know that the BLM administers more than 247.3 million acres of public land in the U.S. which constitutes nearly one-eighth of the country’s landmass.

Although the BLM originated in 1946, its roots go back all the way to the beginning of America’s independence, when the country began promoting homesteading to encourage westward migration. In 1812, The General Land Office was created in support of this national goal. As time went on, values and attitudes toward public lands shifted and Congress made the decision to merge the GLO with the US Grazing Service, which ultimately created the BLM. The BLM land is primarily located in the western states, including California, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Public lands managed by the BLM offices of California have shaped the way people live and connect with nature-- from the historic travel routes of California’s first inhabitants, settlers, gold miners and military troops, to the Californians who live there today.

Vehicle for Experience
Living Vehicle’s off-grid features are designed to bring you closer to the experience of public lands public lands in the US. If your goal is to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and open land, LV makes for a perfect off-grid “home on wheels”. To enhance it’s off-grid capability, LV is equipped with four 150 watt solar panels, four 12 volt lithium ion batteries, and a 3000 watt power inverter. With the inclusion of a 100 gallon freshwater tank and oversized storage compartments, LV can support two people living comfortably in remote wilderness areas for extended periods of time. We recently put Living Vehicle’s off-grid features to the test by taking it on a seven day wilderness adventure in the Alabama Hills. Without hooking up to power, water or gas, the Alabama Hills’ sub-freezing temperatures gave us the perfect opportunity to put LV’s off-grid features to the test – and she performed wonderfully. Hear all about our off-grid experience in our latest blog post, Living Vehicle Goes Off Grid!

off grid travel trailer

Whether it’s your first time going off-grid or you are looking to take a step back from everyday life and experience some time of solitude in the wilderness, the US is filled with places to explore! Be sure to check out The Bureau of Land Management’s website for georeferenced maps as well as information regarding laws, regulations and activities.

Below we have made a list of a few of BLM’s must-see spots in California-- entirely off-grid!

  • Alabama Hills - Bishop, CA
  • Cache Creek Wilderness Area - Clear Lake, CA
  • Cow Mountain - Ukiah, CA
  • Lacks Creek - Arcata, CA
  • Lost Coast Headlands - Arcata, CA
  • Rocky Point West - Susanville, CA
  • Sacramento River Bend Area - Bend, CA
  • Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument - Coachella Valley, CA
  • Steiner Flat - Douglas City, CA
  • Tumey Hills - Panoche, CA