A Peak Into The Off-Grid Lifestyle with Brett and Logan

Embracing Off-Grid Freedom

Brett, Logan, and their 2022 Living Vehicle have caught the attention of many, and it's no surprise why. Tucked away in the heart of Joshua Tree, California, they paint a picture of an idealistic lifestyle, one that speaks of comfort, freedom, and embracing nature. Today, we dive deep into this world of off-grid living and working with insights from Brett himself.

From Music Industry to Mobile Living

Brett’s journey into the off-grid lifestyle began years before acquiring the Living Vehicle. He spent over two decades in the music industry, DJing and producing dance events. These events often took him to remote locations, a factor that led him to value the independence of working off-grid.

Brett’s Journey

The concept of off-grid living had been a dream for Brett and Logan for many years. After exploring several options, the Living Vehicle stood out as a top contender. Its ability to provide a sustainable off-grid life was a primary deciding factor for them. So, what makes Living Vehicle so unique?

Before diving into the Living Vehicle, Brett and Logan tested the waters of this lifestyle with a smaller trailer called the Black Series. While it was a great start, they found it a bit limiting, especially in terms of longevity. After a few days off-grid, they would need to return to civilization for resources.

Enter Living Vehicle 

This experience solidified the need for a vehicle that could truly offer them the freedom they craved. Enter Living Vehicle – a trailer that met all their requirements and then some. Upon seeing the mobile office feature of the Living Vehicle, they were convinced. It mimicked Brett's home setup, which consisted of two monitors and two speakers for his music production work. The thought of having that kind of setup, and more, in a trailer, was irresistible.

Living Vehicle’s Unmatched Capabilities

And it wasn’t just about work. Their travels in the Living Vehicle have also been about testing its capabilities. Their trip to Valley of the Gods in southern Utah was a testament to this. For almost two weeks, they stayed put in one spot without needing to replenish resources, all while Brett prepared for a significant event in his LV Creative Studio.

Endless Exploration

Over the years, the duo has visited numerous places, including Yellowstone, Glacier, and more, in their home-on-wheels. Throughout these journeys, they never once felt the need to go back home, a testament to the vehicle's comfort and functionality.

Favorite Features

Secure Drop-Down Deck For Endless Playing

However, when it comes to the real owner of the Living Vehicle, it's Logan. His favorite feature? The patio. The fenced-in area offers Logan a secure space to enjoy nature, free from the constraints of a leash, allowing Brett uninterrupted work time. 

Spacious Design and Ample Space

The Living Vehicle isn’t just for Brett and Logan, though. Over time, friends have visited, enjoying the comforts of this mobile home. With its spacious design, guests have their own sleeping space without making the main area feel cramped.

Seamless Sleeping Spaces

One of the standout features Brett appreciates is the Euroloft. A bed that's ready at the push of a button, eliminating the hassle of constantly setting it up.

While it's hard for Brett to pinpoint a single favorite feature, the combination of comfort and function takes the cake. From its power capacity to the inbuilt home theater, the Living Vehicle offers an unparalleled experience. In Brett's words, the Living Vehicle is more than just a trailer. It’s a home, an office, a movie theater, and so much more, all rolled into one.

The Path to Off-Grid Adventure

So, if you're contemplating an off-grid life, perhaps it's time to consider joining the Living Vehicle family.

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