LV Creative Studio

Take your pick of a range of hardware to create your one-of-a-kind Creative Studio

  • Select from equipment including:
  • Dual Apple Pro Display 6K XDRs
  • Mac Studio or 16” MacBook Pro
  • Wireless Magic Apple Keyboard & Trackpad
  • Two Genelec The One Speakers
  • Wired 250Hz Headphones
  • Equipment mounted to the LV Mobile Office
  • Or provide your equipment!

At the end of the work day, a simple motion lowers all equipment out of sight to reveal the queen bed in a matter of seconds.

The Creative Studio allows creatives and professionals the freedom to explore off-grid while remaining fully plugged in to all of their important devices.

Mac Pro Display XDR

Apple’s Pro Display XDR boasts a massive 32-inch LCD display with edge-to-edge glass and only 9 mm borders. With 6016-by-3384 resolution and 218 pixels per inch, Pro Display XDR is the largest Retina display Apple has ever made.  This makes it possible for all professionals throughout the workflow to view, create, edit, color, animate, and more with the true-to-life image quality of a reference display.

Featuring the Mac Studio

Mac Studio packs outrageous performance, extensive connectivity, and capabilities into an unbelievably compact form, putting everything you need within easy reach and transforming any space into a studio.

Imagine Yourself in a Living Vehicle

Embodying the mantra of life by design, we have the freedom to spend our time on the things that matter most. To make our impact on the world and give back more than we take and do so in style. Living Vehicle was founded on these simple principles with the goal of creating positive, meaningful change - both in our lives and for the greater planet.