During the summer of 2020, with the Pandemic in full swing, the potential for more lockdowns and virtual schooling becoming the norm, one of our customers made a family choice to travel the US to as many National Parks as possible.

While researching and touring numerous RVs and even custom vans, a friend shared LV with the Weber family who took a virtual tour and began studying brochures.  After deciding on a 2021 Max, the Weber’s took to the road!

Here is a peek into their LV life.


Mark, Nicole, Andrew (11 yrs) and Creek, 5-yr old Bernedoodle

Places you’ve traveled with the LV:

Valley of Fire, NV - Zion National Park, UT - Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, UT - UT - Moab, UT - Evanston, WY - Grand Tetons National Park, WY - Jackson Hole, WY - Yellowstone National Park, WY - Big Sky, MT - Missoula, MT - Whitefish, MT - West Glacier National Park, MT - Great Falls, MT - Sheridan, WY - Mt. Rushmore, SD - Crazy Horse, SD - Rapid City, SD - Badlands, SD - Fenton, MI - Boyne City, MI - Lake Charlevoix, MI

How long in LV:

Six months

How did you know Living Vehicle was the right fit for your family?

After a virtual tour and studying the brochure options for several days, we decided a 2021 Max would be perfect for our needs. Mark was sold on the energy system and off-road capability of the LV and Nicole loved the light and bright kitchen. But most of all, she wanted the washer/dryer that was simply not available with the competition we had looked at. Having a washer/dryer prevents endless searching and time spent at laundromats. It was a feature that we came to love while being on the road for six months!

What are your 3 favorite features and why?

Our favorite LV feature, next to the washer/dryer, was the patio. Even on cooler nights we found ourselves out on the deck bundled up listening to music and enjoying the stars. The LV patio was always the focal point of passerby's if we were staying at an RV park. If I just had a dime for every time someone asked about the patio, how it worked and who designed it. It was a great conversation starter for sure!

Speaking of stars, we also loved having the skylight in the master bedroom. On nights off-grid in Utah we were able to see amazing night skies that we’ve never experienced before. Nicole discovered that if we stood up on the master bed and put our heads in the skylight, the view was multiplied astronomically! With your head in that bubble it’s truly like you are in outer-space. Trust us, try it sometime. In the desert with no light pollution, there is not another experience like it.

Additional features we loved were the full size fridge, height of the shower, and as parents, the ability to have our own room with a closing door! That’s not something you get in many travel trailers or RV’s.

living vehicle rv with the awning up

Favorite memory?

While we had many amazing adventures, our most memorable run was through Glacier National Park where we ran with bear spray in hand. We only saw deer, but there was an underlying fear at every turn a grizzly bear would be staring us down.

Two bike rides really stood out. The first was a 40-mile ride through Tetons National Park to Jackson Hole, WY, a 40-mile ride made epic due to the weather.  The wind chill was intense, and we ran across snow drifts and ice on the ground at several points. It's a ride we will never forget.

family in front of Jackson Hole Wyoming sign

The second epic bike ride, in much warmer weather, was in Moab, UT. Moab is known as a mecca amongst mountain bikers and off-road enthusiasts. This adventure was one of Andrew’s favorite days of our entire trip. The Whole Enchilada, as it’s named, is a ride that encompasses many of the most technical and challenging mountain biking in the West.  The steep sections of slick rock and amazing scenery is truly indescribable.

Man riding a bike off grid
family hiking off grid

What did a typical day in your LV look like?

After a month on the road we found our groove. We preferred being off-grid for 4 to 5 days and then finding a full hookup spot that still offered nature at your doorstep. That way we could replenish our water supply, take full showers and wash all our hiking and biking clothes.  Some days were designated as work, school and cleanup days while others were left to adventure. Most evenings, we enjoyed listening to music on the Patio or watching a movie in the living area.

What was it like traveling with a large dog?

Creek was able to easily navigate the front steps and we never felt cramped for space with a 65 lb dog aboard. He either spent his time under the dining table or, in his favorite place, on the Patio. The Patio was where he ate, drank, and occasionally barked at the wildlife. It was the first place he wanted to be when we rolled into a new location.

dog drinking out of a river off grid

Any other tips for an LV family traveling with kids?

We found the Keurig K-Supreme was compact enough to fit perfectly on the dresser counter in the bedroom without taking up too much room. Since Andrew slept in the Euro Loft, the coffee maker wouldn’t wake him if he wasn’t up yet.  We also loved the ability to have our own room with a closing door! That’s not something you get in many travel trailers or RV’s.

boy cooking in a living vehicle kitchen

We met a lot of people along the way and have some life-long friends because of it. Some memories may fade over time, but we will never forget our LV travels in 2021.

We still have many adventures we want to accomplish and dreams to attain including a Rim to Rim run of the Grand Canyon.

Words to live by:

Take the road less traveled, then take the dirt road at the end of It!