Taking Your Pets on the Road

There's no better way to enjoy the Great Outdoors than with energetic, inquisitive, and adorable fur babies. Pets help us see nature in a whole new light, and moving your body will do you good, too. Investing in the dog travel trend is growing. In 2022, Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets, up 10.68% from 2021. Dog owners spend an average of $730 a year on their dogs. It's no wonder the future of travel is not on a plane or cruise ship but in pet-friendly features offered in a travel trailer. So, start planning your next camping adventure right now!

If you've been searching the RV world for the perfect pet-friendly luxury travel trailer to enjoy family vacations and don't know where to start, look no further. Here are the secret treats to look for that you and your furry friend won't want to miss out on. Why leave your four-legged loved one in a dog kennel or dog crate when you both could enjoy the exhilaration of life on the road?

Here are five pet-friendly features to look for when searching for the perfect pet-oriented luxury home on wheels:

The Living Vehicle living room can be easily transformed for additional sleeping.

1. Ample Space

RVs need enough room and extra storage space for pets because they are an important part of the whole family. They need space to play, sleep, and stretch their legs just like we do. Additionally, pets require their own space to store their food, toys, and other belongings. Without enough room and storage space, RV travel can be stressful and uncomfortable for pets and their owners. So, ensuring that your RV has enough space and storage options to accommodate your furry friends is essential.

2. Pet-Focused Features

A few things should be included when looking for a pet-friendly RV to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and safe during your travels. Make sure there's adequate space for your pet to move around and stretch their legs. Additionally, pets should have a designated sleeping area, or if you let your pet sleep with you, it might be wise to be sure it's at least a queen bed. One important option that manufacturers often overlook is access to fresh water; kick-out pet dishes and water bowls are also important. It's no fun constantly cleaning up after you've stepped on water and food bowls. Many options include slide-out food, pet condo cabinets holding food, beds, or a litter box. If you prefer, pet-friendly RVs incorporate built-in crates to keep their loved ones secure and cozy at night or when you're away.

The Living Vehicle features a drop-down deck and exterior hose system.

3. Keeping It Clean

Many luxury RVs now feature integrated central vac systems into their design to save on space and help keep things clean. It's so convenient to plug in the hose and clean up any pet hair or messes without having to lug around a heavy vacuum. It's great to know that the RV industry is pet-friendly and has these little touches to make life easier for pet owners. You also might want to consider the flooring -- carpet may not be the best option for pets, as it can be difficult to clean and can trap odors. Instead, look for options like vinyl flooring that's durable and easy to clean. The best RVs will have a dog-friendly exterior shower for easy wash-ups after a fun day in the dirt. Another smart way to keep the inside clean is to integrate a dog bed into the dining room. You could add a built-in crate to a dinette seat or bed.

4. Climate Controlled

Check that the RV has proper ventilation and temperature control to ensure your pet stays comfortable in all climates. Considering these factors, you can find an RV perfect for you and your furry travel companion.

5. Secure Storage Space

It's a simple fact; dogs require more stuff, so you'll need extra storage space. In addition to more room in the living space for a pet bed, and feeding, many RVs that are pet friendly will have storage features for pet adventure gear. Even for quick trips, you'll certainly want to bring along extra leashes, food, brushes, and pet soaps. If you'll be exploring the water, you might consider a dog life jacket or if you're heading into the mountains, you might want to bring a dog jacket and boots. The prepared RVers bring all the necessities of home in their RVs for their pets. Larger RVs offer enough room for living and packing essentials.

Exterior of the Living Vehicle.

Camping Adventure Tips

If you're a dog owner and love to camp, finding dog-friendly campgrounds is necessary. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect spot for you and your furry friend.

Do your research

Before you hit the road, research campgrounds online and read reviews from other dog owners. Look for places that specifically mention they are dog-friendly and have amenities like dog parks or walking trails. Don't settle for taking your dog to a crowded RV park where they can be easily overwhelmed. And there's nothing worse than pulling up to a national park and finding out the hard way that they don't allow pets, which many don't. Often, the best camping spots to bring your furry friends are one that is more remote and less popular. Look seriously into a travel trailer with solar panels and high ground clearance so you can easily and comfortably venture off-grid and find the perfect pet-friendly camping spot with plenty of solar power.

Call ahead

If you're unsure if a particular campground is dog-friendly, call ahead and ask. The staff will happily let you know their policy and any restrictions they may have. As noted above, many of the best places to take your dog will be to places that offer free camping, such as government BLM land. This is an excellent choice for pet RV camping because it offers the freedom to explore and enjoy nature with no limits, ample space to run and roam, and a variety of scenic locations to choose from. BLM lands provide a unique opportunity to experience the great outdoors in a safe and welcoming environment. Plus, with the flexibility to set up camp anywhere on BLM land, you can easily find a spot that suits your pet's needs and preferences. So why not pack up your RV and head out to BLM land for a pet-friendly adventure and get a bird's eye window on life in a way you will never forget?

The Living Vehicle living space transforms into an additional sleeping space.

Be prepared

Make sure you pack everything you need for your dog, including food, water, leash, and waste disposal bags. Also, bring any necessary medications or supplies, such as flea and tick prevention. Will you need to wash or cool down your dog after a long hike in the forest or on a beach? If so, you'll need an RV with an exterior shower, along with soap, brushes, and dry towels. RVs with an outdoor sundeck, like Living Vehicle, provide a place to shake and dry off after your pet's outdoor shower. Finding the right dog-friendly RVs ensures that your space stays cleaner.

Follow the rules

Once you arrive at the campground, make sure you follow all the rules and regulations. Keep your dog on a leash at all times, clean up after them, and don't let them disturb other campers. The only thing worse than a pet owner whose dog is left alone and incessantly barking is being parked in the space next to one! It's also unkind to the dog who could be suffering in a space that's too hot, too cold, overwhelming, or otherwise unhealthy. Remember, dogs are pack animals and experience high anxiety levels when left alone for long periods.

The Living Vehicle Murphy bed folds up for additional living space.


The ideal pet-friendly travel trailer experience should include these luxurious amenities and features. If you're not sure mobile adventures in an RV are for you, consider RV rentals to test drive the trailer life and see if it will work for you and your pet. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you and your furry friends can enjoy a safe and enjoyable camping trip.