10 New Feature Highlights

Since Living Vehicle’s inception in 2017, we have been improving and engineering innovative upgrades into each year’s model, and the latest model is no exception. Join LV’s designer, Matthew Hofmann, as he takes us on a brief tour and reviews the new features and highlights of the 2023 Living Vehicle.

1. Tactical Entry Door 

Ultra-secure entry door provides the first line of defense. 

Living Vehicle’s newly designed custom entry door is built in-house. Previously, the front door was sourced from a third party, but we are always striving for better quality, and designed the door to match the same construction and finishes as the exterior compartment hatches. 

This upgrade features a two-inch thick, rigid foam insulated dual sealed door finished with coated aluminum on both sides. The exterior is anodized aluminum which matches the beautiful exterior of the LV, and the inside is a powder-coated finish. This heavy-duty door is extremely strong and robust and includes a custom automotive-style latch. Like a quality automobile, you know its quality when it’s closed because it makes a solid sound, and you know it’s latched tight.

The true measure of quality is in the architecturally designed dual seal – so any water that makes it past that first seal immediately hits this door jam and funnels water out. Another important feature of that dual seal is a pressure equalization chamber, so during travel, as air moves across the exterior, it slides smoothly on by and does not force wind-driven water and debris into the inteiror.

2. Digital Access Control

Security & peace of mind, wherever you are.

Increased security has been one of the biggest design requests, so we have upgraded the front door lock to a commercial-grade latch with a digital keypad.

The digital keypad allows you to set a custom code that is required to enter the vehicle and features a commercial-grade latch. This is something very similar found on a lot of heavy-duty trucks these days. 

A securely coded keyless entry keypad automatically locks and unlocks electronically with the touch of a finger and is powered by the LV’s onboard energy system energy.


3. Integrated Front Rock Guard

Travel off the beaten path and extend the life of your LV with enhanced off-road and highway protection.

One of the other new features found on the 2023 Living Vehicle that enhances durability is an integrated rock guard. This is purpose-built to withstand thousands of miles. We love going off-road, getting out in the middle of nowhere, and so does the LV. But with that comes rocks that tend to get kicked up from the tow vehicle’s tires and passing vehicles that can ding up that beautiful, anodized aluminum finish.

We’ve covered the front and hatch compartments with a 1/8 thick, durable all-aluminum mill finish shield. Rock and debris protection continues around the corners to both sides of the trim. The entire rock guard is a replaceable panel that can be removed and replaced with a new one to protect and extend the life of your LV where it matters most.

4. Matte Finish Trim

Increased durability, less maintenance. 

Form and function at its finest! One of the core concepts of Living Vehicle is to be designed with simplicity of ownership, including less maintenance. The entire exterior skin from top to bottom is now a robust anodized aluminum that is not only beautiful but will wear gracefully over time. Brand new for 2023, the LV exterior has been upgraded with matte finish aluminum corners panels. Anodized aluminum is pre-oxidized, and Living Vehicle's milled exterior creates a natural yet durable demure finish. The corners are slightly thicker to create a super durable radius trim on each side of the LV’s front. Past models used stainless steel, which required more maintenance over time.   

The rear accent panel comes in three colors: white, grey, or our personal favorite, black, and is a recessed panel color contrasting panel. The panel is surrounded by an 8” bent “oculus”, a formed piece of metal that is recessed by 2” to give it an elegant, finished appearance. The center panel is coated in durable heat-treated contrasting paint for long life and beauty.

5. LED Backup Lights

Feel confident backing up at night with dual-sided backup & taillights.

Typical travel trailers don’t include rear backup lights because they’re not required by law, but the Living Vehicle is anything but typical. New for 2023 is a rear backup light to provide more visibility and safety for other motorists. Backup lights and taillights have been separated and are located on both sides of the LV to allow for more light quality and increased visibility, whether clocking in miles on the highway, taking a late night pit-stop, or pulling into a wooded campsite after dark.


6. Deployable Electronic Patio

Fully Automated remote-controlled deck rated for 1,500 lbs. Setting up and packing up your LV just got easier!

One of Living Vehicle’s signature features, the fold-down deck, has received a major upgrade. In the first LV generation, we offered a manual garage-style door with a spring mechanism. New for 2023, the Living Vehicle deck is fully automated with a powerful high-quality winch. The multi-functional patio is rated for 1500 lbs., allowing you to gather with friends when grilling on the bbq or even host a concert using LV’s energy system! Simply plug in the controller press the IN button and the deck goes up, push the OUT button and the deck goes down. So easy it’s almost magic!


7. Dimmable Anti-fog LED Bathroom Mirror

Ultimate adjustability and a crystal-clear reflection for getting ready in the morning.

Of all the many great features of the 2023 Living Vehicle, one of our favorites is surprisingly found in the bathroom. Improving upon the mirror lighting in the 2022 Living Vehicle model, we upgraded this feature with a dimmable mirror that’s exquisitely surrounded in black anodized aluminum. There’s also a built-in defogger that ensures the vanity mirror stays clear and fog-free with the push of a button.

Previously, the mirror light only had an on/off switch. New for 2023, the light is now adjustable from a bright cool to a soft warm light for a more natural daylight look that matches the dimmable light functionality throughout the rest of the unit. This seemingly small detail makes a world of difference in creating a comfortable and homelike feeling, giving you ultimate control to adjust the lighting to your exact preference as you move from morning to night.

8. Six Setting Drawer Dishwasher by Fisher Paykel

High-end, efficient, economical, wash up to 6 place settings.

Now, we turn our attention to the kitchen. Another fan favorite is the integrated dishwasher option found in the Luxury Housekeeping package. We've always offered a dishwasher option beneath the sink, but this is now a larger, higher-end Fisher-Paykel stainless steel drawer model, with 6 wash cycles, that can clean 6 place settings. 

The real advantage of a drawer-style dishwasher is the water resides in the bottom so it’s incredibly efficient and uses about a gallon of water in the most economical settings. Compare that to washing dishes by hand, and you'd probably use more than 5 gallons of water! It’s Energy Star Certified, with quiet technology. Now that's off-grid economical.

9. Ergonomic Sofa and Lounge

Softer, More Comfortable Seating Area.

One of the most luxurious new features is how comfortable the lounge seating area is with upgraded cushions. We redesigned the cushions to feel cozier and more couch style than RV. Think kittens and puffy marshmallow clouds! These updated cushions provide a more comfortable experience for the whole family, either lounging while enjoying a movie night or when transformed into one of three potential sleeping spaces (in addition to the optional Euroloft and the dedicated queen bedroom). We’ve updated the filling to include Dacron, known for its durability, consistency, and quality. Dacron, unlike natural fibers, is hypoallergenic, non-absorbent, and mildew-resistant. 

10. Washer/Dryer Combo by LG

Larger and more efficient. Wash more clothes, save more time and water. 

We know from experience that taking time out of your day to do laundry – whether it be an adventure on the road or your day- to -day activities for for those who call Living Vehicle home – is less than desirable. 

Skip the search and time wasted at laundromats and opt for a space-saving integrated washer/dryer right in your LV!

One of Living Vehicle's most popular options found in the Luxury Housekeeping package has been the combination washer/dryer inside the bedroom. Replacing the old model is a bigger capacity, more modern, and more efficient unit.

This washer/dryer is made by one of the best LG Electronics, and it blends into the cabinetry three-drawer dresser. It even includes built-in Wi-Fi ThinQ technology!

What are some features you’d love to see in upcoming models? Contact us here to share your requests!