Chad (retired sheriff of 30 years) and Sally (retired RN of 35 years)

Places Visited:

Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida.


When we made the decision to sell our home, all of our belongings, and live tiny, there was no looking back. We had no idea how much we were actually going to truly love this lifestyle. I think Chad and I are made for a minimalist life. Even though we hit some bumps in the road, literally and figuratively, we are thankful everyday for our opportunities and our ever-changing environment. There are some days when we are pinching ourselves how blessed we are to be in this situation.

We discovered Living Vehicle after we had already purchased a 25-foot Airstream.  After living in it for a year and a half, we decided to upgrade into a more off-grid capable, and luxurious travel trailer. 

Living Vehicle became our breathing machine, taking us deep into remote and quiet places where exquisite natural landscapes soothed the sting of death and the activities of camping kept our mind and body active.

Favorite features and upgrades:

  1. With LV’s boondocking capabilities, we were out there for weeks at a time before returning to civilization to replenish our water
  2. With Chad being 6’5”, the spa bathroom is a must
  3. In colder weather, the on-demand water heater and towel warmer was an ultimate luxury
  4. The patio… we always find ourselves out there…whether cooking, eating, or napping
  5. Storage - especially the kitchen

Favorite memory:

It’s really hard to pick, but our trip to the fabulous five is at the top, hook up or no hookup. Hiking Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Arches, Capital Reef, Zion. In our book, these parks are like no other. 

Living Vehicle in front of a mountain

How LV changed our lives

We feel like we are different people now. There is so much growth, and everything has much more purpose and clarity now. I discovered I was powerless in areas I thought I was powerful and masterful in areas I thought I was inept. These wandering feet of ours are a reprieve from the usual, the mundane. 

Words to live by:

Just do it.

Can you imagine where you can be a year from now? 

The open road awaits.

Life is better…. with a campfire

The most precious thing is… health.

Happiness is… doing what others say you can’t.