Nicole Perullo and her husband Yon often imagined selling their home and simplifying their lifestyle to spend more time together as a family. It was not until they discovered Living Vehicle™ that they made plans to travel across North America, creating an educational experience for their children through a direct connection to nature and historical landmarks.

LV: We’re happy to hear that you are loving your Living Vehicle! Can you tell us why you and your family decided to call LV home?

Nicole Perullo: We initially thought of creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit on our land in the North Bay Area that we could offer as an Airbnb. We liked the idea of having the freedom to pack our family up in a mobile living space and hit the road, but also wanted a mobile space that we could live in if need be. Living Vehicle was the perfect solution for us, combining Hofmann’s beautiful aesthetics with the functionality of a full time home.

LV: Housing in the North Bay Area has been deeply impacted by the wildfires this past year. Did this influence your move?

NP: We sold our home the Summer prior to the fire. We knew that we could use Living Vehicle as a mobile housing solution while we searched for a new piece of land, but we quickly realized that there was a terrible shortage of affordable options after the fires. Eventually we rented a large acreage in Bend, Oregon and are using LV as a supplementary full-time housing unit.

LV: What was the transition like from a traditional home to Living Vehicle and did you have any previous experience with mobile living spaces?

NP: Before LV, we had never even towed a lawn mower [laughs]. In order to make the move from our previous home, we had to rent four shipping containers in order to store our excess stuff until we had the time to sort through it. It was a big lesson in consumerism and we quickly learned the difference between the things we needed and the things we didn’t. While leaving our community and friends was tough, there was a weight lifted once we no longer had to physically maintain our property.

LV: What are your favorite parts of Living Vehicle as a living space?

NP: I am in love with the dinning area! I am able to sit at the table in the lounge and get my work done while enjoying a beautiful view and a wonderful cross breeze. I also think the extended deck option is a great feature. It’s an open space for my dog to lay out in the sun and for me to get some fresh air.
LV: You mentioned upcoming plans to travel with the family in LV. Where do you plan on going?

NP: Yon wants to take a trip down the West Coast which we plan on doing this Summer. I’ve always wanted to go to Joshua Tree and we have a long list of National Parks stretching to the East Coast that we’d love the kids to see for educational purposes. I love the idea of them learning US History by actually visiting the sites where the historical events they read about occurred.

LV: What has your experience been like working with the Living Vehicle team?

NP: Our customer Ambassador, Wally has been amazing with answering our questions in a timely manner. Because we are new to the situation of mobile living and one of the first few owners of Living Vehicle, we are excited to see the support infrastructure develop. It is a wonderful team and we are okay with being patient as their systems develop.