Paul, Tanya, Mackenzie & Finley


We live in Philadelphia, but our LV is hangered in the greater Pocono area     

Places you’ve traveled with the LV

  • Disney World, Fort Wilderness, FL
  • Assateague State Park and National Seashore, MD
  • Jellystone Park, Quarryville PA
  • Green Mountains, Camping on the Battenkill, VT
  • Franconia Notch State Park, Cannon Mountain RV resort, NH
  • Lake Champlain, Grand Isle, VT
  • Lake in the Wood Campground, Narvon, PA
  • Boondocking, Laurel Run Rd, E. Stroudsburg, PA
  • Racoon Mountain Campground,Chattanooga, TN
  • Padre Island National Seashore,TX
  • Boondocking, Eastern Shore, MD
  • Indiana Dunes State Park and National Lakeshore, IN
  • Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI
  • Blackhawk State Park, WI
  • Ingalls Homestead, De Smet, SD
  • Tettegouche, MN
  • Buffalo Bay Campground at  Legendary Waters, Bayfield, WI
  • McClain State Park, Hancock, MI
  • Twelve Mile Beach, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI
  • Leelanau, MI
  • Platte River Campground, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, MI
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA


Family Bio    

Our LV crew is our immediate family:  Paul, Tanya and daughters Mackenzie (9) and Finley (6).  We often travel with our friends and/or extended family as well. We are city dwellers and big firm/company lawyers, but we grew up loving camping and the great outdoors.  After our kids were born, we spent most of our time in urban environments (museums, zoo, aquarium, restaurants, city parks, etc.)  We realized that our kids needed more time in nature when they described a park in the city as, “going to the country.”  We considered purchasing a vacation home to get the whole family out of the city on a regular basis.  But there were so many places we wanted to go(the woods, the mountains, the beach, the country, etc.).  A camper was the perfect solution.  We could do close weekend trips or long treks across the country.  We could visit rainforests, deserts, prairies, mountains, bayous and beaches.  We could see our favorite national and state parks, and we could discover new ones together. We could learn about our country, the people who make it up and our history, by being there, not just reading about it.  We were sold on the idea of a camper, but which one?

How are you using your LV?

In 2018, we were in the market for a traditional travel trailer for family vacations.  Paul had some past experience with camper travel, but he had not been in one for almost20 years and we were not experienced RV’ers. But like most lawyers, we had done a tremendous amount of research and we had a long list of features that we wanted in our trailer.  

 As soon as we saw the LV marketing materials, we knew this travel trailer was for us.  Like many we love the sleek aluminum exterior of Airstreams, but we never pulled the trigger on purchasing one because of the shortcomings of the design (i.e., limited usable interior space, insufficient systems for long hauls - particularly “boondocking,” cramped bathrooms, plastic cabinetry, poor layout).  The LV addressed these shortcomings with its taller design, plenty of storage and a thoughtful layout, large holding tanks,6 person sleeping capacity, and 4 season utility.  In our minds, this utility came in the near perfect ~28 foot length necessary to navigate tight national and state parks and campgrounds. The clean and modern décor of the LV also worked with our personal taste and was unlike anything we had found in the market outside of a custom interior retrofit.        

What is your three favorite feature in the LV? 

Our favorite feature of the LV is the fold down deck.  It is so easy to open and it completely transforms the campsite. We use it in so many ways:


·       Play area for dolls, board games, trains, etc.

·       Lay out a blanket or set up a foldable table for meals or snacks;

·       Lay on it to look up at the trees, the clouds or the stars;

·       Step out on it to spray on sunscreen or bug-repellant.  

·       Hang out on it with kids and/or our dog.  

·       Put gear on it before setting off on an adventure.


It does so much to increase our living space at a campsite, we can’t imagine owning a camper without this feature


We can’t say enough about the storage in the LV. After our kids came along, “packing light” became more of an aspiration, than a realistic goal.  With the LV there is always plenty of storage. We just got back from an 18-day trip with 5 people where we did no laundry and we had room for everyone’s clothes, bath towels, beach towels, rain gear, shoes, swimwear, games, toys, electronics, souvenirs, toiletries, bedding, and sports gear.  On our 2-week trip to Disney World we dressed up for every character meal and meet and greet(not just the kids, but the adults too). We had room for all of our Disney costumes and accessories.  No other camper that we’ve seen comes anywhere close to the storage in the LV.


We also love the interior space and views from the LV.  When you’re in the LV every direction is a great view.  We love looking out the LV windows and seeing the ocean or a bluff.  It is exactly what we want to see when we’re camping -- unspoiled nature.  There are so many windows that the living space seems huge.  And even though the space is small, the floorplan is so well thought out, you can have 5-6 people moving around inside without much of an issue.    


What do your girls like most about LV?

Our kids’ favorite feature is the Euroloft bed and we love this feature too.  They have their own little clubhouse to playin on rainy days and they are out of the way of the adults.  We love that it goes up and down with the press of a button and the bed is always made and ready to go when we pull into a campsite later than planned.  


Any tips for traveling with kids?

Kids love the LV.  It’s easy for them to access most spaces and they find secret spaces all the time (e.g., a cozy reading nook above the washer/dryer, a secret cave under the bed, a hideout in the closet, a clubhouse with password access to the loft bed, etc.).  We bring our bikes with us on most trips, but we have room for other equipment as well: a beach volleyball net, beach toys, tether ball, ring toss, hiking poles, kayaks, kites, skateboards, camp chairs, etc.


How have you incorporated your favorite hobbies into LV living?

 We love hiking and exploring the National Parks with our LV. There is nothing better than waking up in a National or state park and starting your day with a hike on a trail just outside your door.  


How were you impacted by COVID and how are you socially distancing with LV?

Our LV has been our saving grace in keeping our sanity through COVID.  With the necessary shut down of restaurants, public spaces, and cultural amenities throughout the pandemic and everyone working and attending school from home, city living became claustrophobic for us for the first time ever.  Luckily, our LV allowed our family to still travel during the pandemic and get some healing outdoor time, but in remote locations where we were better able to maintain social distancing.      


What would you say to others considering a change in lifestyle? 

LV is a great move.  It works so well in so many different environments and for so many different uses. We would highly recommend it.

What is one item you cannot live without?  

It would be hard to live without the deck, but there are so many LV features we wouldn’t want to sacrifice.  We love using the dishwasher and drying our towels in the dryer or leaving the towel warmer on.  The kitchen storage allows us to travel with a toaster, a blender, and a food processor, and a full set of pots, pans and kitchen utensils, which we use all the time for meal prep.  The built-in vacuum makes cleaning the floors easy.  The skylights make the interior space bright and at night you can gaze at the stars from the comfort of the master bedroom.  The outdoor shower is great for getting sand or mud off before entering the living space.  The tanks are large enough for considerable boondocking.  Unlimited hot water is wonderful especially when you’re the 6th person to shower!  The pantry and refrigerator store plenty of food for long trips without restocking.  The camper is incredibly warm in the winter. Heated basement means no worries about the pipes freezing when you’re camping in freezing temperatures.  Opening the windows allows in plenty of airflow so no AC is needed in most environments.


What is your favorite memory in the LV?

Wow, we’ve made so many great memories in the LV.  Probably laying in the LV listening to the sounds of nature right outside.  Hearing ocean waves lap the shore or a stream rush by, or crickets chirping as you drift off to sleep is just amazing.  

What was the defining moment that made you decide to make the transition to LV?  

We knew right away that we wanted to own a LV.  We’d been searching for a camper for so long and we knew that nothing else even came close.


How have you grown through this experience? Do you feel like you’ve pushed outside of your comfort zone and gained something new?

 There is a self-sufficiency that comes from camping that we don’t get in our daily lives.  For the first time in years we’ve been primarily responsible for home cleaning and repairs.  Housekeeping doesn’t clean our vehicle.  If something breaks, a repairman doesn’t come to fix it, we fix it ourselves.  We’ve changed a tire, fixed a fuse on a hot water heater, connected the hitch, unclogged a drain, etc.  The kids also have to pitch in to help out.  They help with cleaning, camp setup, gathering firewood, cooking and repairs.  It makes them part of the family and teaches them skills which they’ll need as adults.  

How has LV changed your outlook on life?

Our family wanted more quality time together and vacationing in the LV has given us that.  Being in nature slows us down, takes away distractions and brings us together.  TheLV allows us to bring enough comforts from home, so we don’t get homesick or spend the time complaining about the environment.  We also have enough room to bring games, books and sports gear, which makes the time we spend together even more fun.  We would recommend the LV for every family who loves nature and family time!

Words to live by

Life is better with beautiful views 

The most precious thing is time spent with those you love.

Happiness is exploring in the LV!