The Most Powerful, Solar-Powered, All-Electric Luxury Travel Trailer on Earth

  • The HD-PRO Energy system delivers 72kWh of energy storage for extended off-grid living.
  • The new All-Solar-Roof features the 4.4kW Dual Solar Awning and end-to-end dual-layer solar.
  • Multiple floor plans include the new King Bedroom Suite, 4x Bunk Room, and LV Mobile Office.
  • Thrive in all climates from -4°F to 120°F with the new 24k BTU battery-powered, mini-split HVAC.
  • Industry-first Water-From-Air technology by WaterGen creates 5 gallons of water per day.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (April 11, 2023)Living Vehicle leads the charge in the all-electric luxury travel trailer revolution with its latest model, the 2024HD.  With unmatched off-grid capabilities and more solar power than most residential homes, Living Vehicle debuts its most capable and powerful model yet.

The absence of limitations in an off-grid environment sets the 2024 Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer apart from the rest of the industry. The company has created an autonomous, electric-powered living solution, starting with a foundation of renewable solar energy.  This level of energy storage allows for full-time living in comfort, with multiple redundant backup fuel options available should environmental conditions change.

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, it's essential to have lifestyle alternatives that meet your basic needs, including shelter, water, and comfort.  Amid rolling blackouts and extreme weather events, Living Vehicle is made for independence from an unreliable electrical grid and increasingly scarce water resources.

Luxury Unplugged

"The HD series offers unmatched off-grid live-ability,” states Living Vehicle Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Joanna Hofmann. "Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and having all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, such as a king bed, spa-style rain shower, and a chef-designed kitchen. All made possible without any connections to utilities. Free from RV parks, and no other campers in sight."

Each unit is custom-built and offers multiple bedroom configuration options for 2024,capable of sleeping up to 8 adults. The flagship Queen or King Suites features over 150 square feet of storage space and a 6' full-height closet.  The zero-gravity lounge pairs perfectly with the 4K Home Theater system and integrated Hi-Fi wireless audio.   Professionals and "work-from-anywhere" creatives are empowered by the Mobile Office, with an 80" dual workstation and folding bed system.  The fully customizable Creative Studio integrates a suite of high-end Mac and Apple devices, and the Starlink Flat Satellite dish provides a dedicated WIFI network wherever your adventures take you.

Prepared for Anything

The ability to generate resources and provide independence from the grid is one of the critical features of the 2024 Living Vehicle lineup. The luxury trailer uses an innovative water system to create an endless water supply while traveling off-grid by extracting humidity from the air and storing it in the freshwater tank, allowing infinite time away from the grid.

The Flagship HD PRO model offers 72kWh of energy storage and 18kW of power, which runs all onboard electrical equipment, including electric heating and cooling.  With the air conditioning system relocated to the basement, the 2024 Living Vehicle HD PRO features a wall-to-wall solar capacity of up to 6kW.  The Living Vehicle can operate entirely off-grid, allowing users to enjoy the great outdoors without the restrictions and limitations of urban-based utilities.

The solar-powered trailer has true four-season capability and can thrive in below-freezing temperatures, down to an industry-first sub-zero, -4°F, thanks to the dual-zone 240V Mini-Split electric heating system.  The Living Vehicle is fully insulated with100% rigid closed-cell foam insulation, which keeps the inside cool in environments that reach 120°For higher using the 24K BTU air conditioning system with SEER-21 rating.

Designing Solutions for Off-Grid Conditions

Matthew Hofmann, CEO and architect of Living Vehicle, emphasizes the importance of designing solutions that thrive in real-world off-grid conditions.  As a leading expert in net-zero energy design, Hofmann explains, "Living Vehicle is all-electric by design; however, it would be foolish to venture out into the wild without a backup system when things don't always go according to plan."

Hofmann notes that off-grid living requires redundancy in systems to ensure reliable operation in extreme environments.  This concept includes backup systems fueled by fossil fuels, such as generators and high-power alternators, which provide additional electricity during reduced sunlight due to cloud cover or inclement weather.

The Living Vehicle HD also offers extensive tech and connectivity features, including over-the-cloud connectivity for complete visibility of the current state of the LV energy system and real-time energy flow app-controlled monitoring. With its ability to generate resources and withstand even the harshest environments, the Living Vehicle is the premium choice for those seeking to experience true freedom without limits.

Living Vehicle HD Production

The HD lineup is fully committed for 2023, and production is underway. Living Vehicle is accepting orders for 2024 deliveries, starting at $459,995.

Coming Soon

Introducing the 24-foot LT series, designed for adventurers who want to explore further without sacrificing essential amenities like electricity, water, and storage space. The LT can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people and features a 5' x 8' walk-in closet. Multiple bunk room and office bedroom configurations are available.  More information about the LT series is available on the Living Vehicle website. The LT model starts at $359,995.

About Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle was founded in 2017 by a team of LEED-accredited professionals and architects with expertise in sustainable design and high-end home building.  They combine modern architecture and advanced automotive-grade technology to create the ultimate luxury living space, with adaptable spaces allowing off-grid living, travel, work, and adventure in any environment and climate.  The company strives towards a completely self-sufficient, net-zero mobile living solution focusing on freedom, wellness, and sustainability.