Designed by Architects, Engineered for Life.

Inspired by nearly a decade of experience designing and living in mobile spaces, Matthew Hofmann intentionally created Living Vehicle to support a wide variety of lifestyles. Each feature of the unit displays a harmony of beautiful aesthetics and multi-functionality to provide a highly personalized experience for its owner. Although there is no end to the creative application of LV’s features, we are proud to highlight the lifestyle uses that we feel particularly close to.

Fit For the Family
Many Living Vehicle owners are families consisting of three or more people. When living full-time or travelling in a mobile space with that many people, it is essential that each person has a comfortable place to sleep. With the addition of the Euroloft bed that automatically lowers from the ceiling above the convertible lounge bed, and the queen sized bed in the master bedroom, LV comfortably sleeps up to six adults. It’s no secret that a family of six requires significant storage for food and supplies as well as appliances that can handle frequent high-volume use. To satisfy this need, LV has oversized drawers placed throughout the kitchen for storage of pots and pans as well as a large pull-out pantry for food items. Multi-use appliances such as the washer/dryer combination and the microwave/convection oven provide extra housekeeping convenience so that you can spend more time with your family.

Pet Friendly
If you are like us, your pet is a part of your family and like any family, each member needs their own space to feel comfortable. Our Lab, Lilly, loves stretching out in the sun on the outdoor patio provided by the Extended Deck option and we feel good knowing that she has a confined space to be in while we’re sleeping or cooking. There is also a designated spot for a pet bed underneath the lounge in the living room area that your pet will love to curl up in overnight. After a long day playing outside or hiking on the trails, the outdoor shower provides an easy way to clean off before going back inside. Shedding can be an issue for cleanliness when you’re living in a small space and that’s why we’ve intentionally incorporated the internal vacuum system to easily collect and dispose of all hair, dandruff and dirt.

Geard for Adventure
Part of the fun of living a mobile lifestyle is getting to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you plan to surf, hike, kayak, mountain bike, or ski, LV is equipped with sufficient storage to bring along all of your toys. The pass-through storage bay at the rear of the unit provides an easy way to load and unload gear from either side of the unit. The master bedroom also features a substantial storage compartment under the queen sized bed for additional equipment or plastic bins.

Workspace on Wheels
A major benefit of being able to live mobily is being able to work remotely. We’ve taken careful consideration to include adaptable features so Living Vehicle can function as a full-time office as well as a living space. If you are professional who works from the road and needs a designated office space, consider the fixed lounge option for the master bedroom. This provides an open floor plan with space for a desk or a table to host meetings. WiFi is another important consideration for professionals on the road and that’s why we’ve built in an Omni-directional antenna that picks up signal from any near by network and transmits it to an internal router. This provides a reliable source of WiFi to work from almost any location.