Enjoy the Ride

One of the happiest memories of my life was when my father bought a brand new camper trailer that our family took to the beach, Yosemite, and a 6-week trans-American trip to the New York World’s Fair. As a 10-year-old, I didn’t appreciate the planning this trip took.  My only job was to enjoy the ride.  Twenty years later, when I had my own family, we purchased a 20’ travel trailer, and it was my turn to learn the RV ropes.  I vividly remember driving off the sales lot with the salesperson joyfully waving at us in the rearview mirror – knowing they would never see or hear from us again.

Today, as one of Living Vehicle’s owners, I am happy to share more than a half Century of travel trailer experience to support our customers 24/7/365, with a single mission – to ensure our owners enjoy the ride.

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A Lifelong Relationship

Buying a Living Vehicle is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with a support team helping new owners enjoy the ride.  While we have many experienced RV owners, most of our buyers have never been camping in a trailer and haven’t towed anything larger than a 15’ U-Haul. As one longtime RV owner shared recently, “I wish my first RV had been an LV because the customer support experience is like no other travel trailer I’ve ever owned.”  She added, “You had my back wherever and whenever I needed you.”

LV is a luxury travel trailer niche that is very unique because we are much more than a dealership.  First and foremost, we work closely with our dedicated manufacturer to design and create a product that lasts the test of rigorous use.  We take pride in providing an exceptional white-glove customer experience. When customers purchase an LV travel trailer, they are welcomed into a world of personalized service that goes far beyond the typical RV buying experience.

LV's commitment to exceptional customer service continues after delivery. Continued personalized support is available for insurance, warranty claims, and service work, ensuring that customers always have access to the assistance they need. This level of personalized support is unmatched in the RV industry and is a key reason LV customers become lifelong owners and repeat buyers.

LV University

Living Vehicle starts new owners with more than 70 short LV University videos by our CEO, Matthew, and his wife, Joanna, that offer practical customer education before new owners take delivery of their LV.  New owners also receive a colorful owner’s manual with step-by-step explanations and illustrations of every system and appliance. For those who want more training, we work with an RV driving school that provides onsite instructors to spend a day or two of hands-on training with your own tow vehicle at your location.  They’ll explain proper gear loading, hitching up, and best towing practices in various conditions, along with parking and site setup.

24/7/365 Customer Care

LV's custom-tailored onboarding/orientation process ensures new owners are comfortable with all aspects of their travel trailer. This includes a thorough walkthrough of the trailer's systems, including HVAC, electrical, and water systems. Additionally, LV offers extensive owner's manual and video troubleshooting support, ensuring that customers can access comprehensive information whenever needed.

Once the new owner is ready to hit the road, LV's white-glove concierge service takes over. The on-site setup ensures that the trailer is properly installed and ready for use, while RV driver training courses provide a unique opportunity for customers to learn the ins and outs of towing and maneuvering their new trailer. This personalized training is provided at the customer's site, making learning at their own pace easy and convenient. One recent owner wrote from a remote off-grid location, “Reaching out to us on the weekend is why Living Vehicle’s customer support group is the focal point of the LV brand and is unattainable by all other RV manufacturers. Extremely impressive, as always!”

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Onsite Concierge

LV's white-glove customer experience is a true differentiator in the travel trailer market. By offering personalized onboarding, superior support, and a range of concierge services, LV ensures that customers feel confident, comfortable, and supported every step of the way. One of LV’s most valuable services is the onsite onboarding provided by Chris, who’s traveled from New Jersey to Florida and Texas to Hawaii to provide personalized education to new owners.  “We believe there are some things that need to be done in person, such as setting up a secure WiFi network or keyless entry system,” says LV’s onboarding specialist, Chris.  “I’m available to answer questions and support new owners wherever they go.”

High-Tech VRM

One of LV’s most valuable resources is its ability to manage the high-powered solar electrical system via Virtual Relationship Management (VRM) from virtually anywhere satellite internet is available.  “We’ve seen a pandemic-driven shift towards online interactions,” said Robert.  “There’s been a dramatic rise in remote work, and our customers can engage with their customers and teams anywhere in the country.”

To support remote business needs, VRM technology allows the LV service team to monitor the electrical system, alert the user of any issues, and adjust settings for the owner if necessary.  “Best of all, this information is also available to the owner so they can check the status of their system from their own phones or other devices,” added Robert.

In summary, Living Vehicle's white-glove customer experience provides the entire package for smart, worry-free travel trailer ownership you’ll find from no other RV, with white-glove concierge offerings that include:

  • Custom-tailored onboarding/orientation process
  • Superior full-color, digital owner’s manual
  • LV University library with more than 70 videos
  • Shipping coordination support to your location *
  • LV systems onboarding education online/phone support and on-site setup assistance*
  • LV drivers training courses at your destination * and
  • Ongoing personalized support with warranty claims/service for the life of your ownership.

Your LV customer care team is standing by 24/7/365 to support our customers to go above and beyond to make the customer's LV life easier.  No other travel trailer company has the experience and support than Living Vehicle.

*Quotes of some custom services are provided and are customer-paid.

LV Owner Testimonials

For years, my husband and I considered living full-time on the road, but we were unhappy with the typical RV on the market.  Once we discovered the Living Vehicle, we knew we found what we were looking for.  We are very appreciative of the wonderful customer service. Whenever we have an issue, Wally and his team quickly work with us and resolve it.  I recommend Living Vehicle to anyone looking for a quality travel trailer. We’re loving our journey and have no regrets about our decision to purchase an LV. Everyone at Living Vehicle is helpful and responsive whenever we have a question. We are thoroughly enjoying our LV!

--Gene & Elizabeth

I have lived and traveled full-time in a Living Vehicle for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  Before I had an LV, I lived full-time for a year in a brand new 30’ class A, and I was constantly having problems with it.  Speaking of problems, this is where LV shines above its competitors. The customer service is second to none. You get a dedicated representative to help you with any problems you might have along the way (thanks, Rob!). They will help you with any issues, and if they can’t solve them, they will find an expert who can. They even flew someone out to where I was camping to help solve an issue once.


When we sold our Sprinter van, we looked widely for a travel vehicle with more space for longer trips. After looking at many trailer options and several Class As, we decided on Living Vehicle for its incomparable features and benefits and purchased a used unit in 2019 to “try it out” as new RV users. After thoroughly enjoying the travel freedom in our first LV in the early days of COVID, we decided to custom order a new LV for its latest innovations, including solar energy for off-grid living, energy integration for backup solutions on the road, performance towing, automatic leveling for set-up ease, a mobile office and onboard connectivity and a composting toilet as an option in the spa bath (for water conservation while boondocking).  We appreciate all the ways Matthew, Joanna, Wally, and the entire LV team have responded to our needs so quickly and thoroughly. Living Vehicle took care of all the details, seamlessly selling our first unit and ordering/purchasing our new one.

--Steven & Susan

Our experience with the LV creators and their customer service team gave us a renewed appreciation for the creative genius and expertise that brought the Living Vehicle into existence.  We are thankful for their attention to detail, their respect for their customers, and the integrity with which they run their business.  They have set new industry standards and have given us hope for the future of sustainable RV travel. Finally, “You get what you pay for” has never meant more. Our initial sticker shock quickly faded as we learned more and experienced our amazing LV's unparalleled quality and features.

--Malcolm & Ursula

We had the pleasure of purchasing our Living Vehicle last year and the entire experience was amazing from start to finish. The individual access to Matthew, Joanna, and Wally throughout the process was incredibly helpful in learning about the features and capability of the Living Vehicle. The service and quality of the product are in a class of their own. 

--Eric & Reneé

Big thanks to Wally as well for always being there for us and assisting us along our journey. We will never forget our time in our first Living Vehicle and the home we were able to create no matter what obstacles Mother Nature threw at us.  These luxury trailers have no comparison from the energy systems to the fit and finish of the bathroom and seating areas.  If you are looking for an adventure vehicle to be your home base for the most extreme and off-grid conditions imaginable, then Living Vehicle should be #1 on your list!

--Mark & Nicole 

After researching the most off-grid capable RV, we arranged a tour with Living Vehicle.  When we stepped inside we felt at home right away. The floor plan flows. It feels spacious and open.  After weighing all options, we decided to get the Pro series.  With its off-grid capabilities, huge battery bank, and large capacity tanks, we boondock for weeks at a time before returning to civilization.  LV is comfortable in the heat of summer or frigid winter.  The heated basement gives you peace of mind when camping in the winter months.  It really is a 4 season trailer.  LV is a great investment.  During the pandemic, the LV became our breathing machine, taking us deep into remote and quiet places with exquisite natural landscapes and camping activities that kept our minds and body active.  Highly recommend.

--Chad & Sally

Our Living Vehicle has become our home. Having retired recently, we want to see the US and as many National parks as possible.  Like all new homes, we have had our issues, all of which, through persistence and ongoing communication, have been ultimately resolved.  The quality is such that the issues are minimal.  We represent the Happy Camper group wherever we stay!

--Dave & Darlene

The ubiquitous real estate, housing, and mortgage industry seduced us into believing we needed a dream home, but eventually, we had grown weary and disillusioned and decided to dramatically alter our lifestyle by escaping what we viewed as the “matrix.”  When we began our journey, we aimed to be mobile, off-grid, and at liberty to prioritize experiences over materialism.  We hunted for travel trailers, motor coaches, toy haulers, Airstreams, tiny homes even retro railway cars.  Besides a few weeks in a small Winnebago, we had no prior RV camping experience, merely a firm desire for a net-zero dwelling with modern conveniences.  Fortuitously, we chanced upon LV one day and instantly recognized its potential.  Here was a company with the same values and mindset as ours.  After our LV was delivered and the onboarding process completed, I had trouble sleeping because I was just too excited like a kid on the night before Christmas!  We made amazing new discoveries each day, and our appreciation of the LV's substantial quality grew stronger.  My husband suffers from chronic asthma and CVID, so having a healthy abode free of contaminants was critical.  We were ecstatic to learn how to use the ventilation, air filter, and air monitoring systems to improve indoor air quality dramatically.  Without triggers, my husband now sleeps peacefully, and so do I.  We love gazing at the moon and stars through the skylight.  We escaped and had no intentions of returning to the housing market.  Our bond with the LV is now firmly established.  We could not be happier with how it has made life better for us and better for the Earth.  Most noteworthy is the exceptional service we received from initial inquiries and that continues to this day.  LV put extraordinary effort into welcoming us into their family, expertly attending to all our needs, answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing prompt, dependable service.  We feel blessed we started our journey with a champion company in a vehicle that is truly in a CLASS OF ITS OWN!

--Brent & Pat

I will keep this review concise, but there is so much to say.  We purchased a new 2019 LV and spent 2 months traveling and living in the summer of 2019 with a toddler, 2 cats, and a 100-lb dog.  The purchasing process was so easy and personalized – they even had a cat door installed in the unit for us!  The vehicle itself is incredible – so functional, modern, and livable.  We knew if we were going to attempt this lifestyle, it had to be in a vehicle that would feel like home.  We especially loved the drop-down deck, adding natural light and more space.  We tested our unit's limits in terms of weather and off-road travel, and it performed great.  Whenever we had an issue, Wally was always available and quick to help us solve the problem.  We had our unit in the shop for a bit, and Wally handled the entire process.  The concierge service is outstanding.

--Carrie & Ryan

My family and I have been living full-time in our Living Vehicle since our house burned down in the Malibu fires – there are 4 of us, plus two dogs – and the LV surpassed all our expectations.  The LV customer service is tremendous, and the whole experience of dealing with Living Vehicle has been superb.  Whenever we have had issues (and there really haven’t been many), the response is immediate, and a solution has been provided with little or no delay. Wally is a pleasure to spend time with, and his commitment to customer service is extremely impressive.  The LV has enabled us to live in comfort and provided a comfortable and fun home for our family while our house was rebuilt.  I know we will look back extremely fondly on this time – LV has made it possible to enjoy the aftermath of the loss of our home and has enabled us to live on-site while it is rebuilt.  While we were looking forward to towing the LV somewhere on vacation, too, it was home.

--Sarah & Rob

The whole experience of buying and owning an LV was white glove.  When living full-time in their rig, I truly felt like it was bigger than it was because of their superior interior design knowledge.  When traveling to remote locations, I knew LV would be robust and durable, finished to handle anything I could throw at it. When I decided to sell, Wally was there to help me sell it without any issues.  They truly took care of me throughout the entire lifecycle of owning one of their luxury travel trailers.  You feel like part of the family when you buy with LV!


It was a pleasure working with the Living Vehicle team.  We bought one of their first fleet models, and they were professional throughout the entire process.  We felt supported, and Wally was always available if we had questions.  The design is flawless, and it was definitely worth the investment. We highly recommend the Living Vehicle experience.

--Nicole & Yon

We received our Living Vehicle in April of 2018 and were overjoyed with our experience.  This is a special company with an exciting approach to design for tiny living and sustainability in mind. LV delivers on its promises!  This was our very first travel trailer, and the education process for living in our LV full-time has been about as smooth as it can get, which is saying a lot for anyone new to travel trailers!  We are grateful to have purchased from a company that guarantees quality customer service, whether for education or maintenance.  As a family of two with a German Shepherd, we were shocked at how much space and storage our LV offered.  Starting a family in this rig was definitely something we could envision.  Huge thanks to the Hofmanns and all of the LV team – what a talented and hard-working group!  We look forward to seeing many more LVs on the road!

--Jacque & Stewart

Ownership of the Living Vehicle has been a complete joy.  Customer service has been as solid and dependable as the LV.  I have yet to witness a comparison of the quality and design of the LV.

--Jennifer & Dee

I can't say enough great things about our LV.  My husband and I purchased ours in August of 2020 and have since gone on many adventures.  We've taken it on all types of terrain and weather ranging from freezing sub-zero to triple-digit heat.  We chose LV because it is a clean product.  That was the most important factor for us.  When looking at another major brand RV we couldn't believe how toxic they were. We're so grateful to have found Living Vehicle. Nothing compared to it!  It's always a pleasure to have curious onlookers, and fellow campers ask us questions about it or want to take a peek inside.  They're fascinated when we give them a tour.  We love how it truly feels like a comfortable home away from home with all the same amenities.  It's the only way l'Il camp!

--George & Michelle