One of the greatest motivating factors of our existence as human beings is the beauty of the natural world. As Architects and designers, we understand that the spaces we create can either increase our connection to the outdoors, or close us off from our roots in nature. We believe that when a space encourages connection, it empowers us to be our best selves. The more we experience growth in industry, technology and urban development, the more we realize that nature is vital to our well being as a species. It is a foundation that humans are hardwired to respect and we feel that it is our responsibility to design living spaces that facilitate this relationship.

Having designed, travelled and lived in hundreds of mobile spaces including RVs, vans, boats and tiny homes, we are aware of the subjective qualities of small spaces and know how to integrate them with the outdoors in an intentional way. In every facet, Living Vehicle is designed to blur the distinction between interior and exterior space to create an experience that embraces the best aspects of our natural environment.

To achieve this idea, we begin with an awareness of the fundamental nature of outdoor space. We recognize that there are aspects of the outdoors that we want to enhance through increased connection and others that we want to shield. Environmental variables such as light, temperature and privacy must be carefully balanced to create a comfortable, yet natural atmosphere inside the Living Vehicle.


Lighting is one of the most essential features when it comes to the psychological effects of a space. Natural, bright light in the sun’s spectrum is proven to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on our bodies and minds. Living Vehicle’s massive skylights provide a wonderful openness and an abundance of natural light. If the sun becomes overbearing, each skylight features a custom shade that diffuses the heat and acts as a softly glowing orb in the ceiling. LV is also designed with fully dimmable LED lights that are evenly balanced to produce a warm natural light spectrum throughout the unit.


Heating and cooling is one of the biggest barriers when it comes to connecting a living space to the outdoors. Large glass windows are wonderful because they allow light to enter the space and provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, but can be problematic for climate control. Each glass portion of Living Vehicle is engineered with dual pane glazing to moderate the transference of heat and cold from the unit. LV also features insulation values that are greater than that of most traditional homes to insure that the space maintains a comfortable temperature when in extreme climates or during four season use.


We believe that if you are going to increase the size of your interior space, its best to design it in a way that connects you more with the outdoors. As an extension of LV’s living area, the fold down deck acts as a multifunctional platform that is on the same level as the interior. This provides a seamless experience when stepping out from the unit and encourages the user to spend more time appreciating the outdoors instead of being boxed in all day. The deck can be used as an outdoor kitchen with the propane BBQ and modular island, an outdoor bar platform or buffet serving station, or an enclosed space for pets.


We recognize that in a mobile lifestyle, you do not always have the luxury of being removed from the public. That’s why we’ve designed Living Vehicle with a “zero lot line” approach, dividing the exterior of the unit into a private side and a public side. The private side, also known as the curbside, features the deck, sliding glass door, front door, outdoor shower, storage bays, and other important access points that you would use to set up a camp around. The public side, or street-side, is the side that would face a neighbor in the conventional RV park setting. This side features smaller windows that are placed high on the unit, creating an experience from the interior that looks towards the sky as opposed to the public horizon.