My LV Story: Shane & Paige

Full time RVers since 2017, Shane and Paige have changed their home base throughout the years though they call San Antonio home for now.  Here is a peek into their LV life.


Shane, Paige, their 2-yr old daughter and Blue Lacy mix

Places Visited:

Across Texas and the southeast to Destin, Florida; Savannah, GA; Nashville, TN; a family visit to Oklahoma, and finally Taos, New Mexico. 

How long in LV:

We have lived in our LV full-time since purchasing it in December of 2019.

How did you know the Living Vehicle was the right fit for your family?

We originally lived in a 30-foot Airstream Classic for 3 years prior to the arrival of our daughter. Once we knew for sure that she would be making her grand debut, we quickly made plans to transition into a Living Vehicle. Space, function, and design were at the forefront of our decision to make the switch. By the time our daughter arrived, we were able to set up the rig for a newborn and prepare for full time travel in the months that followed.

What are your 3 favorite features and why?

The chef’s kitchen! We love to cook plant-based foods and the LV allowed us to really have fun making meals in a small space. We purchased a custom stove top cover butcher block and had plenty of room for our favorite appliances which include a Vitamix, Air Fryer/toaster oven combo, and Instant Pot. Some very elaborate meals were made and we loved the ease of cooking with everything in reach!

We could not have survived without the washer/dryer combo unit, large shower with detachable shower-head, ample under-couch storage, Euroloft, and patio space.

Ease of use throughout the LV allowed us to change our sleeping arrangements and organization of items changed numerous times over the course of living in the LV. The modifiable furniture options made it a breeze to adjust the space according to the needs of our family throughout our travels.

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Favorite memory?

Our favorite LV memory was traveling to Destin, FL and staying footsteps from the beach at Camp Gulf. We enjoyed Florida much more than we anticipated, including spending time at the beautiful state parks such as Fort De Soto and St Augustine collecting sand dollars and ferrying to uninhabited islands. Staying at Fort Wilderness during Halloween was an absolute treat with a young child as well!

We chose to spend a long period of time in Taos, NM, after the initial wave of the pandemic set in. New Mexico is an outdoor-lover’s paradise (without the crowds) and was a great setting for us to get back into nature without breaking any socially distancing boundaries. 


What was it like traveling with a newborn?

By the time our daughter arrived, we had been able to set up the LV for a newborn and had prepared for full time travel in the months that followed.  Arranging the space to accommodate our daughter, a 65 lb. dog, cat, and two adults was an ever-evolving process.

Our tips for families with small children and pets:

- grab a white noise machine

- use a convertible travel crib (we loved the Guava Lotus)

- install a cat door for the litter box

- purchase an inflatable baby bathtub

-blackout curtains are a must

- have fun and be flexible! 

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What are your suggestions for people new to this lifestyle?

To those considering a change in lifestyle, we say go for it! The experiences you will collect on your adventure will help to create priceless memories. Learn as you go, and don’t be afraid of the challenges that lie ahead. Nobody could have predicted a worldwide pandemic; if something excites you—go after it! Life may change in an instant. The LV ended up being the perfect vehicle to allow us to travel and see some of the country in safe isolation. When Covid impacted the scheduling of elective surgeries - and Paige being a nurse anesthetist - we were able to simply change our plans and remain flexible.  

What’s next for your family?

Living in the LV has changed everything about the plans we have for our future. We are obsessed with functionality, design, and quality moving forward with any space we inhabit. It has made us so much more aware of our usage of water and energy, factors that we hope the entire world grows to appreciate for the sake of future generations. We have happily grown accustomed to living simply, which is the greatest lesson we could have hoped to learn on this journey.

Words to live by:

Life motto: The right decision is the one that challenges you. 

Life is better with the ones you love.

The most precious thing we have is time. 

Happiness is in the simple, small moments. 

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