“Living Vehicle is our contribution to providing a sustainable and intentional lifestyle. It’s a fully functioning home that can take on the mobile demands of any lifestyle, all the while promoting a revival in the appreciation of elegant simplicity in our culture.”

Founder, Matthew Hofmann

LEED The Way
Living Vehicle Inc.’s founder, Matthew Hofmann is a LEED AP accredited architect with almost a decade of experience living full-time in mobile spaces and designing custom solutions for the unique challenges of small space living. For him, sustainability is a sieve that all design decisions must first pass through.

The guiding vision of sustainability behind Living Vehicle is a two-fold approach that encompasses the environmental impact of the product as well as the effect that it has on the lifestyle of the user.

From a product perspective, LV features self-containment, low impact materials, and an unprecedented lifespan.

The capacity for life to endure in a sustainable way means relying less on external means. To enhance it’s off-grid capability, LV is equipped with four 150 watt solar panels, four 12 volt lithium ion batteries, and a 3000 watt power inverter. With the inclusion of a 100 gallon freshwater tank and oversized storage compartments, LV can support two people living comfortably in remote wilderness areas for extended periods of time. Our ten-year goal is to incorporate technology for LV to produce its own water and food resources to achieve complete self-sustainability.

The all-aluminum build of LV is an essential component of its sustainable design. Aluminum is a lightweight, highly durable material that lasts forever and is completely recyclable. Unlike conventional mobile structures composed of wood that often end up in landfill, LV is built to last for generations.

From a social perspective, a living space must act as a catalyst for a more sustainable lifestyle. Matthew often asks, “Why work for a house that does not work for you?” LV is thoughtfully designed to foster an intentional lifestyle by supporting the fundamental needs of the user on a continuous basis. In our modern economic landscape, the adaptability of a mobile living space lends itself to increased personal autonomy. With the advent of technology, humans should no longer be limited to the resources of a fixed geographic location. We believe that the freedom to choose the scope and source of our means is the fabric of intentional living and the key to a better way of being.

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