As not just the creators of Living Vehicle™ but LVer’s ourselves, one of the greatest rewards of seeing this vision come to fruition has been getting the opportunity to follow our clients’ journeys and learn from their stories. Jacquelyn and Stewart Sweet discovered Living Vehicle through Hofmann’s custom work with vintage Airstreams. Knowing of Matthew’s design expertise and personal experience living in mobile spaces, they recognized that LV had all the features they needed to begin their first mobile living adventure. The couple has been using their instagram account @sweetlivingvehicle not only to share their experiences on the road with LV, but to learn tricks and tips from the community.

LV: Thanks for taking the time to share with us! What inspired you to take after this journey?

Jacquelyn: As most Californians know, living in the Bay Area is great but it’s crazy expensive and has become awfully congested. We started to think about getting out and travelling to Europe, but then we realized that there were a bunch places in our own country that we knew fairly little about. We decided that it would be cool to take the classic “retirement tour” in our 30’s without actually having to retire.

LV: So, you are able to work on the road from the comfort of your own home?

J: Exactly! Stew actually said he’s slept better than ever in Living Vehicle because he has the freedom to relax when we are traveling and focus on work when he needs to. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are able to live a casual mobile lifestyle.

LV: What has it been like navigating the realities of towing and finding places to park your unit?

J: Something that I’ve been sharing with my yoga students that I’ve learned from life on the road in LV is that “attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure.” Some of the most challenging moments in the first week of towing were actually the most memorable. We’ve been blown away by how much we were able to learn in the first couple days.

There are also a ton of great resources online and we’ve developed a feel for finding the ideal RV parks to stay at. For example, we look back now and laugh because we were such beginners, but we learned to look up places in advance that accommodate 20-40 foot trailers.  

LV: What do you like most about living in LV?

J: We’ve been shocked by how comfortable it is, especially to sleep in. One thing I did for our first trip was bring our bedding from home. It was amazing how familiar the space felt right off the bat. We’re looking forward to going off-grid to experience living in a more remote, natural setting. Our German Shepherd, Asher, loves to nap on the deck and go on hikes, so that will be fun for him too. I can’t wait to give him a bath with the outdoor shower!

LV: What was your experience like ordering Living Vehicle and working with the team?

J: We feel lucky to be owners of one of the first LV’s. Overall, from start to finish the order process was quite simple. When we made our purchase, there wasn’t yet a unit for us to see in person. While we would never buy a car like that, we were familiar with Matthew Hofmann’s expertise in designing mobile spaces. Even more, we trusted him and Joanna’s experience living in them. We couldn’t be happier having made our decision. We love our Living Vehicle!

LV: Is there any advice you would like to share with prospective LV owners?

J: We’re in the early stages of learning this life ourselves, but I’d say our advice would be to map out where you’ve always wanted to road trip and then go for it. You learn quickly how the “less is more” approach applies to this lifestyle and that there are endless opportunities with your LV.

Follow  the  Sweet’s  journey with Living Vehicle on instagram @sweetlivingvehicle and stay tuned as we feature more stories from LV owners around the country!