We’ve seen people utilize their LVs in many different ways over the years. From full-time homes on the road to poolside guesthouses and mobile offices, Living Vehicles offers great flexibility and versatility that lends itself to our ever-changing lifestyles, both chosen and guided by circumstance.

One of the growing use cases we’ve been seeing over the years is temporary housing. From the wildfires throughout California or the hurricanes in Mexico Beach, Florida, we’ve had an increasing number of people who’ve suddenly lost their homes to a natural disaster and found themselves starting over.

We’re all stating over in a way. As we come into the summer months, full of hope and motivation to take back control of our lives, this is an excellent time to take a pause and consider what path we want to take. While we can’t just press a button and restore where we left off before the world changed, we also have a unique opportunity to try something new. Whether it be a career change, a move, or adopting a different pace and perspective, the climate has never been better to say sayonara to whatever has been holding us back and jumping into something new and exciting.

LV’ers, Lisa and Brian, are no strangers to new beginnings, with their Malibu home rebuilt back to its old glory before the Woolsey Fire of 2018, they are entering yet another new chapter in their life. As they transition out of their beloved LV and into their permanent home, Lisa and Brian reflect on their experience living in their LV and the unexpected silver linings that abrupt change brought them.  

Like many California residents have experienced over the years, these two entertainment industry pros unexpectedly lost their home to a wildfire, and suddenly found themselves in need of a new place to call home while they underwent the challenging process of rebuilding their dream home. Having stumbled onto LV at a downtown Los Angeles RV show just a month before losing their home, they knew they saw the perfect solution. As luck would have it, a pre-owned unit became available the same week they reached out to us. The timing worked out perfectly because hotel-hoping or finding a virtually non-existent rental in Malibu for 9-10 months while waiting for a custom home to be built simply was not an option.

Here is a peek into their LV life.




Brian, Lisa, Charlie, and Aurora


Malibu, CA

Places you’ve traveled with the LV:

A construction site in Malibu!

Short bio:

Brian: Digital Illustrator;  Lisa: Costume Designer;  Charlie and Aurora: College Students  


Full-time living while our house was being rebuilt.

How long in LV?

2 years

Any previous experience with trailers, mobile living, etc?


What are your 3 favorite features and why?

  • The trash chute. I love that it was outside! (A feature available in 2018 and 2019 models)
  • The porch. It’s big enough for dinner with the whole family!
  • The solar system! We had ample power to be self-sufficient when Malibu turned off the power during high winds.
  • The storage was amazing!

What would you say to others considering a lifestyle change?

It was easier than we thought it would be. Everything we needed was there! The LV had it all internet, comfortable living space, and generous storage.

What is one item you cannot live without?

LV has the conveniences of modern living. We especially loved the central vacuum!

Favorite memory?

The first month of COVID we had such great family times together at the dining table. Dinner was followed by board games every night!

What was the defining moment that made you decide to make the transition to Living Vehicle?

‍We went to an RV Expo and LV was the one that we loved! One month later we lost our home in a fire and we flashed on the LV – it seemed to fit our needs!

How have you grown through this experience? Do you feel like you’ve pushed outside of your comfort zone and gained something new?

We have never been closer as a family; The LV was a big part of our togetherness.

‍Words to live by:

Life is better with family

The most precious thing in life is: life

Happiness is: togetherness

While it is unfortunate to see so many of our customers in Malibu, Santa Rosa, and Napa Valley lose their homes, we've been humbled to hear how their time in the LV brought their families closer together and was some of the best memories they have together. If the last few years have taught us anything, we've learned to look for silver linings and embrace change instead of fearing it. By allowing ourselves to be open to new experiences, we have the opportunity to strengthen bonds with those closest to us.

We've heard of so many people starting new chapters in the last year, whether it be selling their homes, embarking on a new adventure. Life is meant to be lived, and nothing makes you feel more alive than pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

­­Whether it's traveling around the country or living on a piece of property, LV offers the versatility to fit your lifestyle, whether you've been planning on going mobile for years or life circumstances open up new opportunities.