April 18th, 2018
Vehicle for a Sustainable Future
We believe in living a life that respects our earth and aims to leave it a better place for our children. As designers, it is our responsibility to lead the way by creating spaces that have positive impacts on the world for future generations. When designing Living Vehicle, we imagined not only creating a low-impact, high quality product with the capacity to last for generations, but a living space that would improve the long-term health and well being of its occupant’s life. This effort is the essence of sustainability and is the driving inspiration behind our mission as a company.

Quality construction, durable materials and an assembly of low-maintenance components are just a few of the key aspects that enable Living Vehicle to endure the test of time. Many products on the market today are designed to require regular replacement, or become obsolete after a few years of use. We intentionally created this product to eliminate waste by choosing materials that have natural longevity. For example, we chose to use Aluminum as the basis of LV’s structural composition because of its inherent durability (the metal naturally produces a layer of oxidation that protects it from the elements).  Using naturally functional materials in an honest and sustainable way helps further our goal of creating homes that may be passed down to children and even grandchildren.

As LEED AP Certified Architects, we prioritize building materials that are naturally occurring, recyclable and locally sourced in the USA. This methodology minimizes the carbon footprint of our products in several ways. Natural materials are low off-gassing and emit less toxic waste during the production cycle. They are also easily recyclable and can be reused for manufacturing. Black Locust, the wood that we use to create the spa-style shower in LV, is naturally mildew, mold and rot resistant-- a property that is similar to Teak. It also grows in abundance near our manufacturing facility in Indiana. By using locally sourced materials we are able to reduce the amount of shipping involved in producing our units and therefore cut down on C02 emissions and our consumption of fossil fuels.

Living Vehicle is equipped with a robust solar package that allows users to depend on the renewable energy of the sun to power their appliances. This is coupled with high insulation values in the walls, floor and ceiling of the unit to maximize the efficiency of power used for heating and cooling.  Insulation values are just the beginning of a properly insulated envelope. Thoughtful design details such as the thermal break, transfer of heat and heat loss are all vital to the entire package. Excess, and therefore waste are antithetical to the meaning of sustainability. Small spaces naturally encourage people to live light and only use the energy that is needed. We find that living with a respect for the scarcity of one’s resources, especially when considering the limits of water, fuel and energy. This awareness of the scarcity of resources then translates into intuitively monitoring consumption and appreciating efficient fixtures such as low flow shower heads.

Our mobile living spaces are designed to fundamentally improve the overall health and well being of those who inhabit Living Vehicle. As a home that is designed to support a sustainable lifestyle, LV gives people more freedom to focus on the experiences in life that truly nourish them. There is a profound effect on a person's life when their living space is in harmony with their needs as a human. Simple things such as surfaces that are gentle to the touch and lighting that that resembles the natural warmth of the sun work together to create a positive living environment for humans to thrive in. We all share certain needs and desires that are necessary to promote happiness and healthiness within our lives. Living Vehicle is designed to satisfy this purpose in a sustainable way.

As an innovative company striving to create living spaces that give more than they take, we have set our sights on designing fully self-reliant vehicles that can harness renewable energy to support our lives on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned as we continue to blaze this path of sustainable mobile living for the modern world.

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