May 15th, 2018
Living Vehicle Off-Grid Features
Our mission is to create mobile living spaces that are able to sustain life on a continuous basis without depending on external resources. This vision is embodied by Living Vehicle’s flagship ‘Live Series.’ Designed with premium off-grid features and high-end residential appliances, these units are able to support long term off-grid living so you can experience the freedom of nature’s wide open spaces from the comfort of your own home. Robust solar, oversized tanks and storage, off-road running gear and four season use capabilities are just a few of the off-grid features that enable the ‘Live Series’ to support life in remote wilderness areas for extended periods of time.


The LV Live Series comes standard with four 150 watt solar panels installed on the roof of the unit. These panels charge two robust lithium ion batteries that are stored in the electronics bay. The batteries connect to a 2800 watt power inverter that supports nearly all of the unit’s 110 volt appliances, outlets.


The LV Live Series is fitted with an unprecedented 100-gallon freshwater tank, 62-gallon grey water tank, and a 45-gallon black water tank extend off-grid water usage well beyond that of a traditional recreational vehicle. Fresh water is the greatest limiting factor when it comes to living off-grid, and more water storage means more time off-grid. Profits from our early sales will help fund the research and development to allow us to to integrate new technology that will enable LV to produce its own water.


LV’s two 30-gallon propane tanks are stored internally on a pull out slider for easy access. Many of the unit’s appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, furnace and outdoor BBQ may be powered by propane if cloudy weather prohibits the use of solar.


Storage is an extremely important factor when considering the realities of living off-grid. This includes not only interior storage for food items, clothing and creature comforts, but external storage for oversized equipment and adventure toys. Depending on where we travel, we always like to bring enough equipment to have options for any activity. LV’s storage bays are strategically designed with fun in mind. The more gear you are able to take with you, the less reliant on the“grid” you will be and the longer you will be able to keep it that way!


Engineered for off-road travel, LV has a rear beavertail pitch, creating a high departure angle for traversing steep terrain. The heavy duty aluminum chassis and frame is reinforced by stainless steel trim, providing extra durability and protection from rocks and debris.

Four Season Use

Ducted heating and cooling, a fully conditioned utility basement and rigid, structurally insulated foam core panels applied under the unit allows for true four-season use, so you can be comfortable living in LV year round in extreme climates. This functionally rich design allows all of LV’s plumbing, tanks, and sensitive electronics to remain warm and in the conditioned space while traveling in extreme climates.

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