Powered by Volta Power Systems

Living Vehicle is a stand-alone electrical powerhouse that includes multiple redundant sources of power.  Cut the cord and wave goodbye to shore power. LV runs primarily off electric power where solar panels provide the primary energy source.  When the sun is obscured from cloud cover, multiple redundant systems are available to keep you running longer.  We design by the mantra that “two is one and one is none.”  With this in mind, we have designed four redundant sources of power generation.  We design for a generator, and even shore power, to be a backup power source--but solar is always primary.  Now that’s what we call being well prepared!
“With the continued disruption of COVID-19, advanced energy is helping us reimagine what’s possible for adventure, safety, and everyday life. More than any other trailer on the market, Living Vehicle uses the Volta system to its fullest capability, creating an off-grid  experience never before possible.”

- Jack Johnson, founder and CEO of Volta Power Systems

LV Energy Calculator

Select the desired equipment to estimate the off-grid run time and compare Living Vehicle models. Solar power is based on an average of 5 hours of full sun per day.
*Calculations are estimates based on average appliance usage and best practices in extending stored energy. Assumptions include 90-deg F continuous temperature, washer/dishwasher use spread throughout the week, and very high GHI solar conditions (https://www.nrel.gov/gis/solar.html). This calculator is intended as a helpful resource to understand the impact of appliance use and solar charging on runtimes only.   These calculations are not a guarantee of performance of our energy system as there are too many variables in usage of the system and weather/environmental conditions to predict or assure any results.

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Embodying the mantra of life by design, we have the freedom to spend our time on the things that matter most. To make our impact on the world and give back more than we take and do so in style. Living Vehicle was founded on these simple principles with the goal of creating positive, meaningful change - both in our lives and for the greater planet.