How to Buy

The 2021 Living Vehicle CORE Model starts at $229,995.
Lead time is currently 10 months from the time of order. Submit the form below to get started.

Each Living Vehicle is hand-crafted and can be customized from a suite of option packages. Looking for more information? Read our FAQ’s for tour requests, tow vehicle requirements and more.

Living Vehicle 2020VIEW FORM
The longest journey begins with a single step. Get started here.
LV Co-Founder, Joanna Hofmann, will review your needs and setup a call.
We ensure LV is right for you and you are right for LV.  
Customizing your Living Vehicle is easy. Choose from three models
and a host of options packages.
Call with Living Vehicle Co-founder & CEO, Matthew Hofmann, to confirm your
LV is designed appropriately for the adventure you are seeking.
Reserve your production slot via a secure e-sign agreement and digital payment.
No in-person meetings required. 
Agreement signed, deposit made, and production slot assigned. 
Welcome to the LV Family!
We believe in proactive education & planning. Welcome to the exclusive LV Institute.
Meet your Customer Care Officer and LV Co-Founder, Wally Hofmann.  
You will receive regular updates as your LV is hand-crafted through production.
Get ready for an experience like none other. Join us to take delivery your very own LV.
We are honored to host you at the Living Vehicle HQ in the center of
beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, the American Riviera. 
To reserve your Living Vehicle and get the process started, please fill out this form.

Order Details
    The fully-equipped Living Vehicle™ is available for order at $129,995.
    A fully-refundable $5,000 deposit initiates your order. A Hofmann Ambassador will then contact you to select the custom options for your unit and create your order. A 50% payment is submitted to place your order, with the balance due upon delivery.
    Client understands that Hofmann will not hold deposits separately, in an escrow, trust fund, or pay any interest. Deposits are not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior written approval of Hofmann.
    Until you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your order may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your initial $5,000 deposit.
    On behalf of everyone at Hofmann, we are excited and look forward to delivering your new Hofmann Living Vehicle™.
    If you have any additional questions before placing your order, please EMAIL our ambassadors or CALL (805) 618-2461 ext. 102.

    *Schedules, Pricing, Specifications & Design are subject to change.
Living Vehicle™

$149,995* Total Price
All Features Included
*Excluding Tax and Registration

Deliveries Begin Summer 2018

To order now, contact our Ambassador.
Base Model

$89,995* Starting Price
Upgrade Packages Available
*Excluding Tax and Registration 

Deliveries Begin Spring 2019
Place a fully-refundable $1,000 reservation to hold your place in line.