LV Water Generation

Not Just a Concept

  • Up to 5 gallons per day
  • Powered by the off-grid LVenergy system
  • Sub-micron barrier filter and dedicated UV sterilization
  • Purity of water never before seen
  • Vital minerals balance water PH
  • Excess drinking water overflows into fresh water tank
  • Extremely efficient electrical draw for water generation
  • Operational humidity rate >20%

Industry First
Onboard Water Generation

Watergen's water-air generator is paired with Living Vehicle’s oversized water tank, multiple redundant power sources, energy storage packs, and off-road capabilities, allowing owners to comfortably extend their freedom on the road and in remote locations longer than ever before.

Imagine Yourself in a Living Vehicle

Embodying the mantra of life by design, we have the freedom to spend our time on the things that matter most. To make our impact on the world and give back more than we take and do so in style. Living Vehicle was founded on these simple principles with the goal of creating positive, meaningful change - both in our lives and for the greater planet.