The All-Season 2020 LV

The All-Season 2020 LV



1,320 W
Solar Capacity
8.7 kWh
Energy Storage
20° - 100°
Temperature Range
Sleeping Capacity


With 2020 officially sold out for new order placement, Living Vehicle is proud to offer a rare opportunity to own a very special example of a 2020 Model Year LV, available for immediate purchase. This unit was built specifically for internal testing and evaluation at the Living Vehicle Design Studio. Only used on a handful of trips by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, this Living Vehicle is in stunning condition and is never before titled. Most akin to the CORE model, this LV carries all technology and components of the 2020 model lineup. Hosting tremendous build quality, off-grid power generation, and off-road ground clearance, this LV is well suited for remote adventure. Technological advances like Solar Powered Air-Conditioning and refrigeration make this a very capable and luxurious unit.

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