Designed by Architects,
Engineered for Life.
In every facet, the design of Living Vehicle exudes the feeling of home. It emphasizes the intuitive needs of the user to foster a connection with the things that matter most in life -- the people and the world outside.
Living Vehicle™ Specs
  • Sleeping Capacity - 4
  • *Euroloft upgrade increases sleeping capacity to 6
  • Length - 27’ 4”
  • Length Overall (Hitch to Bumper) - 30’ 11”
  • Exterior Width - 8’ 4”
  • Exterior Height w/ AC - 10’ 11”
  • Interior Ceiling Height - 6’ 8”’
  • Hitch Weight (lbs.) - 990
  • Unit Dry Weight (lbs.) - 8,750
  • GVWR - Maximum Trailer Capacity (lbs.) - 13,200
  • Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.) - 4,450
  • Ground Clearance - 14"
  • Departure Ground Clearance - 22"
  • All-Aluminum Chassis
  • Self-supporting Gate Deck Door
  • Heated Subfloor - Conditioned Basement
  • Insulation Ceiling (R-Value) - R-21
  • Insulation Floor (R-Value) - R-19.5
  • Insulation Walls (R-Value) - R-7
  • Dual Pane Windows
  • Seamless Aluminum Roof
  • 6000# Dual Torsion Axle
  • All Wheel Independent Electric Brakes
  • Brakes - 4-Wheel, Independent Electric Brakes
  • 12V Automatic Stabilizer Jacks
  • Full-Size Spare Tire
  • 50 AMP Electrical
  • Propane LPG (Lbs.) 60
  • Fresh Water (Gal.) 100
  • Gray Water(Gal.) 62
  • Black Water (Gal.) 45
  • Ducted A/C (Btu.) 13,500
  • Warm Floor Basement Heating
  • Ducted Heating 30K BTU.
  • Dimmable LED Lighting
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Systems Monitoring Panel
  • All-Aluminum & Stainless Exterior
  • Polished Stainless Rock Guard
  • Heat Treated Aluminum Interior
  • Solid Surface Countertops
  • Sunbrella Marine Fabric Cushions
  • Rustic Waterproof Wood LVP Flooring
  • Back Colored Panel Option
  • Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Three Burner Gas Cooktop
  • Countertop Water Filtration
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Modular Kitchen Island
  • Trash & Recycling Chute
  • Microwave & Convection Oven
  • Stainless Kitchen Sink
  • 6-Setting Dishwasher
  • Floor to Ceiling Pull-Out Pantry
  • Marine BBQ
  • Hardwood Lined Shower
  • Shower Panel With Rain Showerhead
  • Vitreous China Residential Toilet
  • Glass Vessel Sink
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Bathroom Ventilation
  • Convertible Lounge, Dining & Bed
  • Self Supporting Patio Gate Deck
  • 8-Foot Patio Slider
  • Nature View Rear Window
  • Removable Dining Table - Lounge
  • Modular Deck Railing
  • Extra-Long Double Guest Bed
  • Queen Memory Foam Master Bed
  • Double Nightstands With Storage
  • Under-Bed Storage Gas Bed Lift
  • 4 Drawer Dresser
  • Floor to Ceiling 6 Foot Closet
  • LED Closet Lighting
  • Laundry & Linen Storage
  • Stand-Up Office/ Clothes Folding Tabletop
Electrical, Solar & Inverter
  • 600 a/h Solar AGM Battery Bank
  • 3000W Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter
  • 1400W Solar Array
  • Solar Controller - Solar Converter w/ Remote Monitor
  • Solar Controller w/ Monitor
  • Inverter Monitor Panel
    Audio, Video & Technology
    • HDTV Media at Living Lounge
    • Multi-Zone Audio/ Video
    • Bedroom Video Prewired
    • Remote Monitoring Technology Bay
    Exterior, Access & Storage
    • Marine Stainless Gas BBQ
    • 2” Hitch Receiver Bumper Storage
    • Pass-Through Storage
    • Multiple Exterior Storage Compartments
    4 Season Travel
    Designed to get you out to adventure make and new memories. Advanced heating & cooling, combined with ultimate insulation performance allows Living Vehicle to support your life in extreme climates so you may enjoy your surroundings, year-round.
    Living Vehicle’s Shell features insulation values that surpass the level of many stationary homes. Dual pane windows throughout are a key advantage for 4 season performance. The basement is fully conditioned and encompasses all technology, systems, and storage compartments. This keeps the sensitive systems necessary for luxury living performing in all conditions.
    Bathroom Spa
    For a luxurious bathing experience akin to an upscale home. With an open, light and spacious feel, the spa-style bathroom is your private home sanctuary to relax and unwind.
    The central design of the bathroom, the shower features a hardwood wall in the shower provides a spa-style aesthetic and doubles as a modular mounting system for hooks, baskets, towel bars and shelving. The shower panel has multiple spray settings for both on-grid and off-grid environments, including a rain shower. An intuitive layout, simple and quality design, and honest materials make for an exceptionally luxurious bathing experiences.
    Come together for meals with family or friends and enjoy the spacious atmosphere of the fully functional chef’s kitchen.
    Designed by chefs, for those who love to cook. Supported by an intentionally functional design, the fixtures are all of the highest quality. Living Vehicle is designed to support the most gourmet meals and those who prepare them.
    All lighting and ventilation fixtures are adjustable to create a living atmosphere that feels like home.
    100% LED lighting illuminates Living Vehicle and is controlled by dimming, residential-style switches. The light quality is offers beautiful warmth and may be adjusted independently in every room. Automatic ceiling vents may be controlled using a wall switch with a fan for natural air circulation.
    Full-time living is made possible with oversized storage compartments, both inside and out, for all of your adventure equipment, food, clothing and necessities. With a carrying capacity to match, taking the things that matter with you is not only possible, but expected.
    A pass-through storage bay on the rear of the unit allows for easy access to large equipment such as surfboards, kayaks, and skis. The open A-frame at the front of the unit makes it possible to mount heavy duty equipment such as an external generator, motorcycles, or other heavy toys. The rear trailer hitch is ideal for mounting lightweight equipment such as a bicycle rack or kayaks. Storage in the bedroom is configured to house all domestic goods and clothing with a premier focus on functionality and place. The kitchen features several large cabinets and a pull-out pantry for storage of cookware and food supplies.
    Travel off the beaten path and experience the serenity of pristine wilderness with Living Vehicle’s off-road running gear.
    Living Vehicle is designed with robust off-road capabilities for traversing a wide variety of terrain. The ground clearance is increased on the departure angle, providing capacity for travel over steep grade changes. The chassis strength is increased with an industry leading 7” Aluminum High-Capacity A-Frame and full 5” aluminum frame.
    Nature is the most beautiful and restorative asset in our world. The design of Living Vehicle blurs the distinction between interior and exterior space to connect us to the spaces we call home.
    Every Living Vehicle includes an eight foot sliding glass door. This feature provides an easy-access weather barrier to the great outdoors that may be enjoyed open or closed.
    “Unplug” from the grid and experience the freedom of complete self-sufficiency with a robust solar system. Multi-level redundant systems ensure proper operation in all climates and locations around the world.
    The battery bank is designed to support living off-grid continuously.  Sustainable power is provided from the roof-mounted solar system to maintain charge levels during use. Power is inverted from the battery bank with a top of the line Pure-Sine Wave Inverter, providing 110V power. Advanced monitoring capabilities including diagnostics and remote monitoring interface are included.
    Time is the most valuable asset we have. Let your living space work for you and spend more time enjoying life.
    The innovative Washer/Dryer combo has the ability to both wash and dry clothing in the same cycle with no need to switch over. A supplemental gray-water tank adds to the capacity of the system. A dedicated Trash-Chute from the kitchen that empties into an exterior access compartment with a double trash can on a pull out slider.
    The interior space of the Living Vehicle extends gracefully outdoors onto the self-supporting patio deck. The kitchen and dining area adapt to grow into the outdoor space to embrace outdoor entertainment.
    Living Vehicle includes a portable BBQ with a quick-connect propane fitting that is conveniently located on the deck. This convenient placement of the BBQ provides easy access to the kitchen and living area while cooking outdoors.
    8' wide x 6’ 8” deep.
    The Extended Deck option provides a large outdoor patio space that is ideal for pets, activities and entertaining. Heavy duty support cables are used on each side to lock the deck in its horizontal position.
    Living Vehicle™ Elevations
    1. Propane tank access door.
    2. Tankless Water Heater Door.
    3. Primary Storage Compartment & Spare Tire
    4. Service Bay.  Elect. Waste. Water
    5. Exterior Outlet 110V
    6. Pull out Trash Cans Compartment
    7. Furnace Exhaust
    8. Pass-Through Storage Door
    9. Side View Camera
    10. Bedroom Sliding Window
    11. Bathroom Sliding Window
    12. Kitchen Sliding Window
    13. Kitchen Range Hood Vent
    14. Air Conditioner
    15. Powered Roof Vent
    21. Exterior Patio Light
    26. 12V Automatic Stabilizer App-Controlled
    32. Corner Trim Cap, Polished
    34. Electric Hitch Jack & Light
    14. Air Conditioner
    15. Powered Roof Vent
    16. Pass Through Storage Door
    17. Outdoor Stainless Shower Door 
    18. Exterior Outlet 110V
    19. Fold-Down Deck
    20. Sliding Patio Door
    21. Exterior Patio Light
    22. Bedroom Sliding Window
    24. Pull-Out Battery & Inverter Compartment & Electronics Bay 
    25. Pull-Out BBQ & Storage
    26. 12V Automatic Stabilizer App-Controlled
    30. Modular Railing System.  
    32. Corner Trim Cap, Polished
    34. Electric Hitch Jack & Light
    14. Air Conditioner
    15. Powered Roof Vent
    19. Fold-Down Deck
    30. Modular Railing System.  
    41. Solar Panels
    42. Bedroom Skylight
    43. Bathroom Skylight
    44. Kitchen Skylight
    14. Air Conditioner
    19. Fold-Down Deck
    21. Exterior Patio Light
    27. Front Hitch Camera
    28. Stainless Steel Front Dome Cap 
    29. Stainless Steel Rock Guard
    30. Modular Railing System.  
    31. Front Bedroom Window Fixed
    32. Corner Trim Cap, Polished
    33. Side Stainless Trim, Polished
    34. Electric Hitch Jack & Light
    14. Air Conditioner
    15. Powered Roof Vent
    19. Fold-Down Deck
    30. Modular Railing System.  
    35. Custom Color Panel – Option 
    36. Living Area Sliding Window
    37. Entry Door Awning – Automatic
    38. Backup Camera
    39. Stainless Steel Trim Surround
    40. Rear Hitch Receiver