Joanna Hofmann, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer
A first-generation U.S. citizen along with her older sister, Joanna was born and raised in Connecticut after her parents emigrated from Poland. Joanna was exposed to diverse cultures and foods as a child, and has had wanderlust in her blood from a young age. She grew up with a love for adventure, nature, and cooking and was also a competitive athlete throughout college. Her desire to pursue new challenges and a health-conscious lifestyle ultimately led to her subsequent move to California. 

After earning a degree in Child Development and counseling at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, Joanna went on to provide in-home therapy to at-risk youth and families. During her 7 years as a children’s therapist in Fredericksburg, Virgina, Joanna really came to understand the importance of holistic health and was inspired to move west to Los Angeles to explore career opportunities in the health and food industries. Joanna took advantage of the many opportunities LA had to offer and having already dipped her toes in an array of fields – along the way gaining a variety of skills – Joanna discovered her love of business and realized she was a true entrepreneur at heart. Armed with this new realization, Joanna began work in the food and film industries assisting with brand management, marketing, public relations, and video production, as well as mentorships in business development and management. In 2014, Joanna’s desire for freedom and adventurous spirit took hold and led her to join forces with Matthew as CMO and eventually partner at Hofmann Architecture.

Together, Matthew and Joanna went on to pursue their own dreams of mobile living while providing design services for their clients and renovating more than 400 custom mobile projects. In 2016, after many years of pushing mobile living to the extreme and following a pivotal cross-country road trip in a 29-foot pop-out trailer, Matthew and Joanna realized there was a clear gap in the mobile living market and decided to transition away from renovating vehicles to build their dream mobile home product, and in 2017, Living Vehicle was born. 

At Living Vehicle, Joanna brings a practical perspective to the aesthetics of Living Vehicle trailers gained from living with Matthew in Living Vehicle trailers over the years to make each vehicle special, functional, and comfortable for every day. Some of her many contributions to Living Vehicle include having a space for a residential kitchen with pantry storage (attributed to her food and health background), ample storage for clothing and yoga/exercise gear, and Living Vehicle’s stand out spa-bathrooms (especially when trailers and RV bathrooms are notoriously lack-luster)

.As Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Living Vehicle, Joanna spearheads marketing, sales, and public relations, ensuring the company is able to adapt and respond to the market, and that the couple’s long-term goals of creating a product that enables people to pursue their passions in a  sustainable way, are being carried through. Joanna credits her parents with her strong work ethic and desire to make a positive impact in people's lives, and is determined to continue innovating how people live and travel in today's every changing world.