Tina & Heagan Bayles

Tina and Heagan lived most of their lives in Texas before heading out to California’s Bay Area which they now call home with their dog, Mozzie and cat, Miss Kitty.

Tina works as an advertising copywriter while Heagan has worn many different career hats including, product designer, IT technician, musician, entrepreneur and photographer.

The couple loves the freedom of living small and are able to enjoy their life passions to the full extent with Living Vehicle. You can catch Heagan jamming on LV’s deck with one of his guitars or find the two of them cruising through the backroads of wine country on their motorcycles.
Due to the out-of-reach housing prices in the Bay Area, Tina and Heagan were searching for an alternative solution to call home.

They began exploring their options and thought about buying an Airstream which lead to the discovery of Hofmann Architecture. Through contacting HofArc, the Bayles were introduced to Living Vehicle™ (which only existed on paper at the time) and were immediately intrigued. Soon after visiting with the company in Santa Barbara, Tina and Heagan decided to put down a deposit and patiently wait for their new home to be built.

The Bayles currently live full-time in their Living Vehicle which they’ve named “Glamprock”. They have big dreams for the future and one day even hope to add a whole fleet of LVs to their property.

“Living Vehicle offers a lifestyle that allows people to live their best lives. If you are searching for an alternative to traditional housing that allows you the freedom to go anywhere, and do anything, Living Vehicle is for you. Even if you're not interested in the nomadic lifestyle, LV provides a simple way to live well—no matter how you choose to use it.” – Tina & Heagan
Words to live by
Take chances. Embrace change and try not to force your will onto circumstances that you cannot control. Always be open to new experiences, knowing that each one is an opportunity to grow and evolve
This Fall, the Fresno Home Improvement Show will be hosting the 13th Annual Tiny House Expo, featuring Living Vehicle™. Attend the Expo and see LV in person at the Fresno Fairgrounds in Fresno, CA on November 2nd-4th. See the Event's website to learn more and be sure to purchase tickets for the Fall 2018 Show.

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