Travel Series

Starting at $89,995
Designed to achieve the highest standard of quality in every category, the Travel Series is a true 4-season mobile Living Vehicle built for travel & extended “on-grid” living at an affordable price-point.

Launch Timeline

Summer 2018
Reservations Now.
Winter 2018
Orders begin.
Spring 2019
Deliveries Begin.

Live & Travel Series

The “Live Series” is designed to support a full-time mobile lifestyle with extended use on or off-grid. It comes standard with premium home appliances and our most advanced off-grid technology.

The “Travel Series” features the exact same build and material quality, but is designed to support a part-time mobile living experience with standard utility hook-ups. It is ultra-portable, lightweight, and is ideal for use on road trips and at established campgrounds.
Live Series
Travel Series
6 standard with private queen master bedroom, euro-loft & convertible double lounge.
4 std. with private queen master bedroom and convertible double lounge. Up to 8 opt. with upgrade packages.
Off-grid Use
Designed for extended stays on or off grid with power generation, 600 watt solar & 400ah all-lithium battery grid & robust inverter for running most 110V appliances wherever you are.
Travel-ready with all self-contained systems. AGM battery for short stays between hookups.
All Weather Use
A true 4-season unit rated down to below Zero Degrees Fahrenheit with the utility conditioned basement, extensive insulation & thermal break, all dual-pane windows and extensive heating power.
A limited 4-season unit rated down to 25 degrees with all the design features of the off-Grid model but single pane windows and reduced heating capacity.
Exterior Living
Integrated Gate Deck or Clamshell with massive 8’ glass sliding door for a seamless connection to exterior living space.
A large, 8’ window comes standard in lieu of the deck & slider for outstanding views to the outdoors.
Extensive high-end appliances designed for luxurious full-time living including: washer/dryer, dishwasher, central-vac, BBQ & many more.
Standard kitchen, bath & living appliances to provide a very comfortable travel experience
Audio Video
Top-of-the line mobile audio & video experience with 7 amplified indoor/ outdoor 8” speakers, apple TV, & app control.
Surround sound for excellent audio quality with the integrated Living Area TV.
Integrated technology to make mobile living easy including: 12-V powered stabilizers.
All the necessary features for a travel-ready experience, without the unnecessary upgrades and cost.
WIFI integrated antennas, LTE connection & private networking, 4-point remote video monitoring & security, and app control features.
A blank canvas for the traveller to install the components that matter most to them.
Weight & Size
8,350 lbs dry weight
27’-4” length
100 gallon fresh, 62 gallon gray, and 45 gallon black water tanks.
Carrying Capacity: 5,200 lbs
6,500 lbs (est) dry weight
27’-4” length
50 gallon fresh, 42 gallon gray, and 33 gallon black water tanks. Carrying Capacity: 3,700 lbs
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Travel Series will be available starting at $89,995.
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