Pre-Owned Certified LV


2018 Living Vehicle
Office/Guesthouse with Clamshell Deck

Solar Capacity
Energy Storage
Temperature Range
Sleeping Capacity
This is a perfect unit for the new owner seeking a very well configured, near-new Living Vehicle. This unit includes several features that aren't offered in the new LV 2020 configuration.  

Uniquely configured with a highly desirable and very adaptable configuration for the folding deck using the bi-fold “clam shell” design.  This allows for easy operation in tight spaces where the full-sized deck may not easily accommodate.  In addition, this design provides a sun shading structure from the top half of the deck folding upwards to provide protection from the elements while enjoying the deck in addition to lighting the outdoor space.

Designed with the intention to be a convertible room, the bedroom area features a fold-out style sofa with sleeping space for two adults.  This allows the bedroom to be an office, yoga studio, or place to sleep all in one. The bi-fold style deck compliments the space with a perfect spot to relax and have happy hour.

The Euro-Loft Bed package provides a “hidden sleeping space,” stored above the dining area and lounge.  With a push of the button the bed electronically converts into a comfortable full-size bed.

The Good-Housekeeping package saves significant time on a daily basis with the installed washer/dryer combination unit in the bedroom.  A 6-setting dishwasher in the kitchen provides for both on and off-grid convenience while saving precious resources when compared to washing by hand.  The central vacuum reaches all corners of the unit for a quick and easy clean with industry leading suction power.

This prime example of a Certified Living Vehicle is in excellent condition and ready to meet her new owner.  

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