Pre-Owned Certified LV

2019 Living Vehicle
Ultimate Off-Grid Vehicle

2,800 - W
Solar Capacity
14.4 -kWh
Energy Storage
Temperature Range
Sleeping Capacity

This Living Vehicle is our most configured built in 2019.  This unit represents the “Living Vehicle 2020 Prototype” and includes many features that are offered in the new LV 2020 configuration.

The unit comes with the Towing Performance package which offers Goodyear wrangler w/Kevlar MT/R Tires, matte black hubs, and lower trim protection package.

For maximum off-grid adventure, the Towing Performance Package includes an Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch System and 4-camera visibility with in-truck monitoring.

It’s equipped with the Off-grid Power Generation and 4-Season package for comfortably exploring the wildest places. The LV 2019 PRO Energy System provides air conditioner powered comfort.

For improved Internet connectivity the Mobile Connectivity Package comes with a WiFi hotspot & dedicated router with a 2+ mile range WIFI antenna and We-Boost cell-booster to enhance cellular signals.

The Media & Entertainment package comes with 4-zone in-ceiling speakers and is upgraded with WiFi-controlled SONOS audio system. The media area features a 4k HD 43” SAMSUNG “The Frame” TV system, a SONOS Play-bar, SONOS SUB with Surround Sound, and home-theater HD Projector & Apple TV with pull-down screen.

The Euro-Loft Bed package provides a “hidden sleeping space,” stored above the dining area and lounge. Thanks to the Good-Housekeeping package the LV comes with a washer/dryer unit in the bedroom.  The 6-setting dishwasher in the kitchen provides for both on and off-grid convenience.  The central vacuum reaches every space from front to rear.

This Certified Living Vehicle offers the most options and will provide years of unmatched capabilities.  

-Living Vehicle Inc.
¹The maximum temperature rating may be increased to 110°F with the addition of a second optional air conditioner.  This unit is configured with the A/C cut-out and all necessary wiring pre-ran for installation.

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