Chris Withers & Susan Weiss

Chris and Susan live in Colorado where they spend their time running their businesses and enjoying the great outdoors.

Chris moved to Colorado 26 years ago to have easier access to some of the best ski slopes and bike trails around. He works as a residential home builder and loves to travel, camp, and be outdoors as often as possible.

Susan owns a design firm specializing in lifestyle design - mixing antiques and contemporary elements to create on-of-a-kind interiors. She travels frequently for work and enjoys finding inspiration in big cities, but she always returns to her country roots and love for nature.
An avid fan and follower of Hofmann Architecture, Susan had been dreaming of purchasing a trailer for years. When she saw the launch of Living Vehicle, she told Chris and they were both immediately hooked.

Susan and Chris travel with LV during the weekends to take a break from work and everyday life. They are hoping to plan a few longer trips in the near future.
Words to live by
Live and let live.
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