March 20th, 2017
Partners in Innovation:
Living Vehicle™ and Aluminum Trailer Company
Living Vehicle™ is an innovative vision for a new category of mobile living space designed to support full-time living. Find out how the company partnered with an industry-leading manufacturer in Nappanee, Indiana to set an unprecedented standard for quality.

Commitment to Quality

As a company that has its roots in renovating vintage aluminum trailers out of a simple garage workshop in Santa Barbara, CA, Living Vehicle remains committed to the same belief in quality craftsmanship that guided its humble beginnings. Today, the company is blazing a new course in the market with their all aluminum mobile space designed for full-time living and it’s no surprise that the manufacturer charged with bringing the product to life has an unmatched reputation for quality.

Known for their industry-leading commercial and industrial trailers, Aluminum Trailer Company has been operating under the same ownership since 2004. The company is strategically located in Central Indiana at the heart of the Rust Belt and the hotbed of the RV manufacturing industry. A key to ATC’s production that sets them apart from other manufacturers are their three strategic production lines and support staff that provide a tight knit, responsive and consistent process.

Just over a year ago, Living Vehicle’s founder Matthew Hofmann connected with Steve Benneman, CEO of Aluminum Trailer Company with the vision of creating a new mobile concept. The two companies partnered to create a product that industry experts describe as a game changer in the residential mobile market.

“Teaming up with Steve and his Aluminum Trailer Company crew was huge,” said Hofmann. The two CEO’s shared vision was to rethink everything that had been considered in a traditional recreational vehicle and start from scratch.

Beyond their shared vision for a new class of mobile living spaces and their complementary technical strengths, the two organizations share similar family-oriented values. “We take our partnerships very seriously,” explained Hofmann. “We have spent a lot of time cultivating our relationship with Steve and his family. We've celebrated birthdays together. When we’re in Indiana, we’ve been welcomed into countless homes for a home cooked meal. We have created true friendships and established trust.”

Streamline Manufacturing

In today’s world of outsourcing everything from material production, to assembly and installation and even customer service, Aluminum Trailer Company builds virtually every aspect of the project in-house. They’re not just assembling a collection of components.

Their integrated manufacturing process includes:

Every component is produced and assembled under one roof in their Indiana facilities – made by hand in the USA. Each cabinet, shelf, counter top, and door is handmade in their shop using the finest materials, including solid surfaces products, along with the latest lightweight and durable vinyl flooring and wall composites.

All of the built-in furnishings are assembled by talented craftsmen who use the best construction techniques, with the finest tools in the business.  A large portion of ATC’s workforce is Amish, and has a long tradition of producing America’s finest handmade wood and metal work that has been passed down through generations. “Their work ethic, integrity and quality is unsurpassed. Each inch is built with expertise and care,”  Hofmann adds.

ATC is one of the industry’s best-equipped aluminum cabinet manufacturers in the nation. “Their aluminum cabinets are perfect for LV,” said Hofmann. “It’s much lighter than wood, it’s more appealing to the eye, and it withstands the road jostling better than anything we’ve found.

Hofmann, who’s design firm has renovated more than 400 vintage aluminum trailer projects since 2010, worked with Aluminum Trailer Company’s in-house designers to create custom doors – all produced onsite.

“Living Vehicle has dozens of doors and drawers, and it’s imperative that they be built to very tight tolerances while taking a constant beating,” said Hofmann. “Traveling down the highway at 65 mph is like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake,” he added. “Fortunately, Aluminum Trailer Company’s commitment to top-of-the-line craftsmanship and their years of road-tested experience ensures an extremely high standard of quality.”

A Tradition of Trust

Aluminum Trailer Company has customers in all consumer and industrial markets, including Fortune 500 companies and racing teams, such as:

“Both of our companies are committed to putting our best designing and manufacturing skills into Living Vehicle,” added Hofmann. “The future is very bright.”

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